Dem Leader Engrossed in Criminal, Corruption Investigations


New Orleans’ controversial mayor has found herself embroiled in yet two more scandals involving her bodyguard and her ‘image consultant’ – hot on the heels of having to pay back nearly $29,000 for excessive first class flight. 

LaToya Cantrell, 50, became in 2018 the first woman elected as mayor of New Orleans.

And now the Democrat has faced questions over her selective use of a male bodyguard – who has spent hours with Cantrell while she allegedly does little work, and who joined her on a luxury trip to Los Angeles to meet Brad Pitt.

He spent 112 hours at her apartment over a 27 day stretch, and was even seen watering her plants.  

Cantrell’s stylist – who she has paid $175,000 since 2017 – is also facing a possible criminal probe over the thousands she’s spent on clothes for the lawmaker.  

In recent months her administration has been dogged by allegations of misuse of funds and resources – with the Democrat leader even complaining to the Society for Professional Journalists about the scrutiny.

The journalist body found the investigations were ‘entirely appropriate and journalistically ethical.’

Cantrell raised eyebrows last month when she claimed that she needed to fly first class, because it was not safe for a black woman to fly economy.

‘Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world black women walk in,’ she told a press conference. Cantrell was later shamed into repaying public funds she’d used for the luxury international trips. 

Critics noticed that despite fearing for her safety on a flight to Paris, she felt sufficiently safe to walk alone around the city’s French Quarter, despite New Orleans having one of the highest murder rates in the United States.

Amid the scandal, Cantrell repaid the cash spent on her first class flights: $40,000 on a four-day trip in June to France, with her own first-class flight costing almost $18,000 while her aides traveled in economy.

‘My travel accommodations are a matter of safety, not of luxury,’ said Cantrell, who earns approximately $188,000.

On Thursday, Fox 8 News noted that Cantrell, whose husband Jason is a lawyer, had paid for one of her bodyguards, Officer Jeffrey Vappie, to travel first class with her.

Vappie joined her team in May 2021, and began joining her on her trips – with the first of eight being a flight to Scotland.

In September this year, Vappie and Cantrell flew first class to Los Angeles, for events that included a dinner with Brad Pitt.

Robert Collins, a political analyst at Dillard University, told Fox 8 that he could not understand why Vappie needed to be at the event, given the high level of security that would already be in place in Beverly Hills.

‘You don’t need protection at an event where there’s almost certainly already security there,’ said Collins. 

‘Because it’s a fundraising event. There are VIPs there. So you know that there are going to be police officers and protection. So that’s probably an event where you do not need protection.’ 

He also questioned why Cantrell began flying her security detail with her only when Vappie was brought onto the team.

‘The timeline doesn’t really make any sense,’ Collins said. 

‘The taxpayers are going to ask: if you really need protection, why didn’t you have protection on the earlier trips? Why don’t you have protection when you’re walking by yourself in the French Quarter? Why are you selectively choosing when to have a protective detail and when not to have a protective detail?’ 

Since October 2021, Cantrell’s decision to bring security on trips has cost taxpayers more than $50,000, Fox 8 News calculated. Fox 8 News reported that Vappie had been spending time at Cantrell’s city-owned apartment in the Upper Pontalba Building, near the city’s historic French Market.

he channel obtained surveillance camera footage through a Freedom of Information Act request, and found that Vappie was inside the building for long stretches of time.

Of the 45 days covered by the cameras, Vappie was there for 27 of them, and spent 112 hours there, Fox reported.

Other members of her security detail waited inside, but Vappie was inside – even seen watering the plants on her balcony.

The city’s inspector general launched an investigation into whether Cantrell used the apartment for personal use. 

On Wednesday, Fox 8 News’s Lee Zurik, who has been following the story, was accused by the mayor of ‘violating’ her ‘as a human being’. 

Zurik asked her, at a press conference: ‘Mayor Cantrell, you say you’re working 24/7 and the records show that you spend a lot of time with an officer. 

‘The city has crime and infrastructure issues. You spent nearly 20 percent of the year out of town or out of the country with an officer. Is any of that appropriate?’

Cantrell replied: ‘So Mr. Zurik, I’m glad you’re here. 

‘It kind of freaks me out to see you because you have been very inappropriate in my opinion. But relative to your accusations, none of them add up at all.’

She defended her use of the apartment, and her work for the city. 

‘But in regards to my work in the city of New Orleans, it’s really been unmatched,’ she continued. 

‘I can point to the results on the ground. The budget hearings that are underway right now speak to my work that my administration and team have done and continue to do for the city of New Orleans relative to public safety, relative to housing, relative to infrastructure and I can literally go on and on.’

Cantrell was also facing questions about $175,000 in payments made since 2017 from Cantrell’s campaign to her ‘image consultant’, Tanya Haynes, and her business, Jolie Image Consulting.

The payments to Haynes have generally increased over time, reaching $6,000 per month in 2021, the records obtained by 4WWL show.

Two stores where Haynes shopped – Ballin’s Boutique, where she often bought clothes for the mayor, and BC Kitchen and Bath, where Haynes recently ordered a new $17,000 kitchen – have been subpoenaed.  

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  1. Charles Goines says

    I am continually shamed for drawing a nexus between Negro politicians and corruption but, the phenomenon surfaces with such regularity it can not be denied as a trend. Negroes dominantly support Negroes for public office and in an amazing number of cases, the Negro political figures are soon involved in corruption. This story is cut from the same cloth. Will she go to prison? I doubt it. Can she be re-elected? Yes! Is race more important than honest service to the people? I guess so in dominantly Negro communities. Sad but difficult to deny. Am I a “racist” or simply someone reading the facts?

    1. captainkona says

      Unfortunately, you are correct. The difference being that our white etc. politicians usually usuper financial gain on much larger scales.
      This mayor is a small time crook inept at hiding her abuse. Then there’s the larger scale. Like the Biden crime family.
      All things will become known in time.

  2. Juline Stratton-Kerr says

    Not a surprise with United States Department of treasury, taking down bitcoin for federal corporate financial fraud 2021

  3. Peter says

    This sense of self entitlement by wannabe wealthy shitzen kickers who mouthed they’re way into position by overtly lying are being exposed for who they truly are, hucksters and frauds.
    The sad reality is that many of those they feign to serve fall for it, giving the sanctity of the one possession coveted above all by this filth, they’re vote!!
    Every 2 – 4 years dependant upon the cycle these rancid excuses for human beings crawl out of their holes Anna lie, beg, and grovel before those whom in private they mock, deride, laugh at, vilify and denigrate seeking the very thing possessed by those same individuals that the huckster and liar covets and needs most of all, their Vote.
    Then boom… forgotten they become until the next campaign when promises aplenty are made before them in search of their Vote again all in order the lifestyle aspired to, not by dent of endeavour, hard graft, toil or work, but by budging, ripping off, defrauding as much as they possibly can given the short and limited timeframe they know they might stay on the gravy train.
    Reality is that the longer in office they remain the more overt, brazen and in your face the offending, the more extreme and the more they will do to bling and to maintain they’re snout in the public trough, the greater the amounts and the perks sought and or simply just taken, the consequences be damned.
    Truly surprising and equally sad is the fact that those who believed in them sufficient to bestow the one possession they have that this detritus on humanity require most of all, they’re vote is so readily given, not just one but repeatedly, seemingly as if enjoying the viscitudes rained upon them they give up that most valuable possession to the tyrant time and time again….. S and M anyone? One could be forgiven for believing that they’re victims and constituents gleefully subject to such abuse.
    Sadly the reality is far different, it is as if numbed from sustained abuse those most affected, those at the lower rungs of society, being those most dependant upon the honesty, upon the making good promises made during election cycles become innured and blind to the ability to discern truth from fiction, lies from reality… hence nothing ever changes except for token increments in standard of living, of conditions prayed for to relieve them the squalor and oppressed state in which they have found themselves and they’re parents and family members before them from actually experiencing and living.
    Get rid of this filth, these liars cheats and frauds, look past colour of skin and focus on they’re humanity, black, brown, white, yellow, red, purple… who cares, start voting based on humanity and put real leaders into office to serve you, stop voting black because your black, brown because your brown, white because your white, simply vote the best candidate and do not let biased black preachers who are the worst amongst you dissuade and tell you otherwise, stand up for yourself, your family, your needs your wants and vote on the record, on the accomplishments of the liars before you, seeking your vote… then watch your life change!

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