Dem Panic Sets in as Republicans Take Over Blue State

With only eight days until Election Day, Republicans are pushing campaign funds into several House races, including ones in which President Joe Biden won with healthy margins two years ago.

The push by GOP super PACs comes as Democrats are set to take a beating on Nov. 8, as the party in power typically loses seats in the midterm elections.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has made investments of at least $100,000 into three heavily Biden 2020 congressional districts, per Axios.

California’s 26th District, New York’s 25th District, and Pennsylvania’s 12th District were all districts that Biden won by large margins against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, winning each district by 58.9%, 58.6%, and 59.4%, respectively. They are also now districts that are being targeted by the GOP in new spending.

The newly reported spending comes as the Republicans have targeted districts once considered to be in good standing for Democrats, including New York’s 17th District, which features Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney. Maloney had opted to run in the 17th District rather than the more competitive 18th District but is still having concerns in the more Democratic district.

In the final days of the midterm season, Democrats have shifted their focus to the economy and crime, but the shift may be too late for the ruling party to avert damage in the election.

Original Article: Behind enemy lines: Republicans pushing into deep blue districts in sign of red landslide | Washington Examiner

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