Dem Senator: “Racial Justice” is the Most Important Part of Distributing Vaccine


Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) was the “brains” behind the Green New Deal, so it’s little surprise to hear him utter a sentiment that is woke, misguided, and fundamentally stupid. Still, when Markey suggested on Twitter that “racial justice” is the most important aspect of distributing the COVID vaccine to the country, he drew jeers from…well, everyone with a working cerebral cortex.

“Racial justice must be our number one priority as we distribute the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Markey. “Join me live with @SenWarren, @RepPressley, @NikaElugardo, @macurry01, and Rev. Culpepper as we discuss the need for greater equity and accessibility in vaccinations.”

According to a piece in the Boston Globe, Markey and a few of his fellow Democrats want to see $25.2 billion go towards shoring up “health disparities.”

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From the Globe:

Markey said the federal money — which lawmakers seek to include as part of Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package — would be focused on protecting communities of color and communities hit hard by the coronavirus.

Black, Latinx, indigenous, and immigrant communities have suffered a disproportionate burden from COVID-19, Markey said, and they must be prioritized as the nation works to vaccinate millions across the country.

“They were the first to get the virus, the first to stay on the job, the first to die, but the last to get the relief and the care they need during this crisis,” Markey said. “Racial justice — and that means health care justice, environmental justice, and economic justice — must be our number one priority as we combat the ongoing pandemic.”


Sadly, Markey is far from the only leftist who thinks this way. This imaginary idea of “racial justice” has infiltrated literally everything in the realm of politics, entertainment, social media, and academia. Driven by woke grifters like Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, critical race theory – a Marxist ideology that views everything as a power struggle between whites and non-whites – has usurped classic liberalism as the underpinning of the Democratic Party. Some of the aims remain the same (grow the government, for instance), but the tactics have changed. It’s now RACE RACE RACE, everywhere you turn.

We keep waiting for the moment when the fever breaks and ordinary people stand up and fight back, but it doesn’t seem destined to happen anytime soon. The culture of fear has been created, and it is enforced with firings and cancellations that come at an astonishing rate. So it is that we arrive at a point where ideas that would have been considered abhorrent only a few years ago (basing vaccine distribution on racial identity) are now considered completely acceptable, if not preferable.

To use a phrase that the woke left loves, our collective “lived experiences” are probably going to get a lot worse before they get better.

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