Democrat BIG LIES are Not Working

Democrat strategy in upcoming midterm elections is to distract from all the issues that the people care about – inflation, empty shelves, illegal border crossing, high crime, Russian aggression, etc., etc., etc. They see only one way to avert an election disaster in November.  Demonize the entire Republican Party from top to bottom. Define Republicans as insurrectionists, racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, White supremacists, and domestic terrorists who will literally end the American small-d democratic Republic.

Democrats use their friends in the media to conduct a 24/7 attack on all things Republican.  The Democrat plan is dividing America into two major hostile groups – Republicans versus all who they term people-of-color and White Democrat limousine liberals.

Al Sharpton said that ALL people of color must stand up and defeat Republicans at every level of government.  MSNBC contributor and professional branding expert Donny Deutsch said that Democrats must have one campaign theme – they must demonize Republicans as evil incarnate. That should be the only issue.  Deutsch may be Jewish, but he certainly learned “branding” enemies of the state from guys like Joseph Goebbels.

Michael Steele, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee – now the highest-paid voice of the left on MSNBC – also makes it clear that those on the left want voters to forget about the problems that impact their daily lives and vote to – in their view – save the Republic.  He argues that saving Democracy is more important than inflation, etc.

Steele even talked about a Republican plan to impeach President Biden if they take control of Congress.  But that only gives America “President Kamala Harris”.  Right?  Not according to Steele.  The plan is to then install Trump in the White House.  That is the first time I even heard of that theory.  But it does show just how whacko the left has become in trying to sell their ridiculous strategy that electing Republicans will bring down the Republic.

Arguing that voters should vote to protect the Republic and not worry about all the kitchen table issues makes a lot of sense IF (🡨 and that is a BIG IF), the claim that electing Republicans would end America.  But that is preposterous.  More importantly, the American people know it is a BIG LIE.

The only reason Democrats and the left-wing media is proffering that outrageous argument is that they have nothing else.  All the real issues trend against their leadership.  They cannot fix anything – nor can they change anything.  That is why only 2-out-of-10 people believe the country is heading in the right direction – and you must wonder … what are those folks thinking?

The real issues are the reasons why virtually every poll shows the American people trending away from the Democratic Party … from Democrat candidates … from Democrat policies and proposals.  If their prognostications are correct, Republicans will take over the House and possibly the Senate.  They will make gains across the country.

Putting the fall of America on the front burner as a campaign strategy does not mean that Democrats have totally abandoned their “all Republicans are racists” propaganda.  But there too, Democrats are not finding a universally receptive public.  Recent elections have shown a shift by minority voters from the Democrats to the Republicans — with some polls showing the GOP favored by more than half of Hispanics.

Next year, there will likely be many more Republicans in elective offices than there are today.  How will Democrats and their friends in the media explain that?  How do they even explain the current polls in the face of their Draconian predictions of the fall of the American Republic?  And what will happen next year if Republicans have control of the Congress, and the Republic does not fall – does not even tremor or crack?

Because the one (or two)-note Democrat strategy – and because the public is still leaning toward the GOP – you can expect Democrats to get more outrageous in their mendacious fearmongering campaign.  They will become more desperate … more hysterical.  You will see it about the time the kangaroo Select Committee issues its politicized report on the Capitol Hill Riot.

Democrats will consistently lead with the insurrection card and the race card – but fortunately, more and more Americans are recognizing them as the jokers in the deck.

So, there ‘tis.

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