Democrat Darling Sentenced to Decade Plus in Prison

Four years ago, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was raised to the status of a hero in a political war against President Trump when he represented adult actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuits against Trump.

On Monday (December 5), Avenatti was sentenced to 14 years in prison for tax evasion and theft of millions of dollars from clients.

51-year-old Avenatti was sentenced in Orange County, California, to 14 years in federal prison over tax and wire fraud charges. James V. Selna of the United States District Court for the Central District of California rejected Avenatti’s request for no more than six years in prison that would run concurrently with his current sentence.

He is currently serving five years in a California prison after multiple convictions in New York and Los Angeles courts over theft, fraud, and embezzlement charges including stealing some $300,000 from Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti had his day of glory with the leftist media when he represented Daniels against Trump in the court of law in 2018. Pursuing their anti-Trump agenda, leftist media outlets drooled all over Avenatti, calling him the “nemesis” of Trump.

He was regularly invited to news shows for comments and was made so popular among the left that he considered running for president against Trump in 2020. According to The Daily Wire, Avenatti was featured 254 times in media in 2018, nearly half of these on CNN alone.

But the anti-Trump party favors of the leftist media didn’t last long for Avenatti.  As early as the fall of 2018, Avenatti’s fraudulent and criminal actions were surfacing and the media quickly started distancing themselves from the attorney they had elevated as a champion of the left against Trump.

BizPac Review noted in October 2018 that leftist media didn’t want to do anything with Avenatti anymore. CNN’s Chris Cillizza tweeted on October 25, 2018: “Can we slow our roll on Michael Avenatti?”

Cillizza was mocked by critics for calling to drop Avenatti. One comment taunted:

“Too late. You made your bed with #SleazyPornLawyer and now you have to sleep with him.”

NBC, Time, and others also started to distance themselves from Avenatti and started publishing controversial comments about their former anti-Trump hero. In 2019, when criminal charges were brought against Avenatti, the media took a full U-turn and started calling him a “suspect” and “accused” in criminal cases.

In March 2019, CNN also dumped celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos when he was revealed as a co-conspirator in the Michael Avenatti extortion case.

President Trump continues to be the target of establishment media but Michael Avenatti has become irrelevant to them.

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