Democrat Presidential Candidate Comes Out Against Late-Term Abortion


Joe Biden may be leading the Democratic presidential pack (though barely these days) by presenting himself as a moderate alternative to the two socialist senators hot on his heels, but when you really look at his agenda, it’s not all that moderate. Indeed, by every imaginable metric, his platform is even further to the left than Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. If that makes him an “alternative” for the average Democratic voter in today’s modern era, it speaks more to the leftward shift of the party than it does to Biden’s actual concerns for the forgotten Democrat.

If you want a real alternative Democrat, though, there’s always Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Now, Gabbard isn’t going to be confused for a conservative – much less a Trump supporter – anytime soon, but she does at least present a different kind of mindset than most of today’s top Democrats. She’s not afraid to praise Trump when he does something she views as right, she’s not afraid to call out top Democrats on their extremism, and – as she proved Monday in an interview with Dave Rubin – she’s even willing to do the unthinkable: Come out against late-term abortions.

While conceding that she takes a “libertarian” view of abortion, Gabbard said that even though she doesn’t think the government should be restricting women’s choices, there ought to be some restrictions during the last three months of the pregnancy.

“I think that there should be some restrictions,” Gabbard said.

Asked about the theoretical “cut-off point,” Gabbard said, “I think the third trimester. Unless a woman’s life or severe health consequences is at risk, then there shouldn’t be an abortion in the third trimester.”

This stance is unlikely to secure her an endorsement from the National Right to Life federation, but it puts her at odds with most of the top Democratic candidates, to say nothing of the party as a whole. Democrats have been swallowed, completely, by organizations like Planned Parenthood, and their doctrine on abortion is indistinguishable from that company’s propaganda. Abortion – on demand, at any time in the pregnancy, for any reason. That’s the official Democrat line, so it’s quite a step into the void for Gabbard to say that, even if it is extremely mild from a pro-life perspective.

In a crowded primary field where candidates are calling Heartbeat Bills “dangerous attacks on the rights of women,” advocating for abortions to play out on the day before a baby is born, and even suggesting that abortion can help us control the population and avoid aggravating climate change, Gabbard’s stance is a refreshing one.

We’d like to think it represents a coming shift in the way the left talks about this reprehensible procedure, but we’re not quite that optimistic.

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