Democrat Students Turned Off By Joe Biden Sexual Assault Accusations

CNN and The New York Times may have decided that Tara Reade is yesterday’s news (to the extent that they bothered covering her allegations at all), feminists may have decided that the tenets of the #MeToo movement aren’t all that important to them after all, and Joe Biden’s campaign may be eager to move on to new and exciting frontiers.

But even if the average Democrat voter is ready to either ignore or accept the sexual assault allegations against the former vice president, there’s one demographic that thinks they are too much to overcome. According to Campus Reform, college Democrats are drawing a line in the sand and refusing to give their support to an accused abuser.

It all kicked off at the University of Texas-Austin, where University Democrats sent out a memo calling for a full-scale investigation of Reade’s allegations. They adopted the resolution at their recent state convention and called on “chapters and federations of College Democrats across the nation began to join the movement.”

In comments to Campus Reform, the group said, “We are so proud of the bravery and integrity of every chapter willing to defy the establishment and call on their party to hold leaders accountable, even when it is inconvenient or difficult.”

The D.C. College Democrats followed suit, issuing a press release saying, “We do not issue this statement lightly, as we believe that the accusations against Mr. Biden are both credible and extremely relevant in his bid for President.”

And the Young Democrats of Williams College in Massachusetts told Campus Reform that they were sickened by the hypocrisy of celebrities and pundits who were treating the Biden allegations in a much different way than they’ve treated accused Republicans.

“I find it both rich and sad that prominent liberals (the bane of a socialists existence) have recanted and vanished from the #MeToo movement,” said a spokesman for the group. “Alyssa Milano removed it from her bio, as if she could make more clear that she was always just a careerist grifter. Biden’s press secretary Symone Sanders deleted old tweets in support of Blasey-Ford, an almost Stalinist rewriting of history to accommodate their guilty and bloody-handed senile candidate.”

There’s a lot you can say about the young Democrats of this generation. They’re hypersensitive to offense, they’re consumed with identity politics, and they are in favor of socialism and restrictions on speech. But whatever you may think of their values and politics, you have to give them this: They have the courage of their convictions. That’s more than we can say for their counterparts in Washington and the media.

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