Democrat Worried That Illegal Immigrants Will Lose “Political Influence”

Maybe we’re naïve, but it is astounding to us that a mainstream Democrat can publicly acknowledge that illegal immigrants (i.e. people who are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE UNITED STATES) not only wield considerable influence over our domestic politics, but that Washington should be doing everything possible to PRESERVE that influence for these lawbreakers. How this party ever wins an election – local or national – is nothing short of a mystery. Well, okay, it’s not a mystery at all, but it is surprising that anyone still publicly admits to supporting the Democratic Party.

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee was holding a hearing to discuss the Trump administration’s decision to add a question about citizenship to the next U.S. Census. In remarks just shy of unhinged, Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York said that the only point of the question was to “frighten people in immigrant communities” and discourage both legal and illegal aliens from participating in the survey. He concluded that the mere idea of such a question was “disgusting, immoral, and hypocritical.”

“This new policy is in essence, as the ACLU warns, ‘a door-to-door government inquiry as to the citizenship status of every member of every household of the United States,’ stunting their political influence and depriving them of economic benefits,” Nadler said.

Stunting their political influence! Depriving them of economic benefits! THEY’RE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, YOU IDIOT! They should have none of either!

The more the left fights back against this citizenship question, the more certain we are that it needs to be included. The Democrats should not be this upset about a very basic question that has been on the Census before. The fact that they are fighting this rhetorically, politically, and even legally tells us that they are terrified of what this question might reveal about the true composition of the U.S. population.

Now, there are some reasons for this fear to which they will fully admit. In their lawsuit against the Trump administration, the ACLU comes right out and says that they’re worried about states like California losing federal funds and political representation due to an “undercount” of the population. So right there, they admit, tacitly, that sanctuary jurisdictions should have their immigrant populations rewarded by additional representation in Washington. We don’t understand how that’s politically defensible, but that’s what they’re going with.

But we have a feeling there are reasons to which they will NOT admit – namely, that (either by inclusion or exclusion) the next Census will tell us how many illegal immigrants are really in this country, and it will be a shocking number far higher than the “11 million” estimate that everyone’s used to. They are afraid that when America gets a hard look at a number two or three times that amount, there will be a backlash that will make 2016 look like a welcoming picnic.

As usual, the Democrats are on the side of hiding the truth from the public. And they’re being increasingly blatant about their reasons for doing so.


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