Democrats Again Prove They’re the Best Gun Salesmen Around


We’re sure some readers will personally object, but Democrats really are their own worst enemies. Is there any policy issue they fight that they do not ultimately wind up making worse?

Take the issue of gun control. There is not a Republican walking the earth who can sell a gun faster than the Democrat who wants to take them all away. It’s actually astounding that this party stood back, watched gun sales explode during the Obama years, and failed to recognize the very simple lesson: The more you talk about banning guns, the more people run out to buy them. If your goal is really to cut down on the amount of private gun ownership…shouldn’t you wake up to reality?

Well, Democrats certainly want to ban guns, but maybe it’s like that sinner’s prayer: Lord, make me perfect…but not today. The left knows that any major offensive against the Second Amendment is far, far in the future, so they’re more than happy to just keep this issue alive and kicking for a while. Politicians, even on the left, have a bad habit of missing the forest for the trees. It’s all about today and tomorrow and never mind next week. If they can raise enough money to get them through the next election, that’s all that really matters. Progress is great; winning is better.

So maybe they’re not even upset to see what happened in Florida this weekend, when a record number of people came out to the annual gun show at the state fairgrounds. With more than 7,000 in attendance in Tampa only a couple of weeks after the massacre in Parkland, Florida Gun Show manager George Fernandez said it was a crowd unlike any they’d ever seen.

“Some of the people attending are afraid that future legislation will impact their gun ownership rights,” he told WTSP, a local news station.

You’d have to admit that is not an unreasonable fear, considering the rhetoric we’ve seen from the left over the last week. The NRA is standing firm against new gun control legislation, but Republicans from Florida Gov. Rick Scott to President Donald Trump have expressed interest in banning “bump stocks,” raising the minimum wage to buy an AR-15-style rifle, and expanding background checks. Meanwhile, Democrats want to ban assault rifles altogether, close the so-called “gun show loophole” that allows a small percentage of private sellers to avoid running background checks, and more. If ever there was a time for law-abiding citizens to worry about their right to bear arms, this would be it.

What’s funny is that gun sales have actually been in a slump since Trump took office last January. With no major terrorist attacks and no gun control pressure coming from the White House, Americans felt no need to rush out and arm themselves. Now that the left is on Mission Ban Them All once again, we’re certain that gun manufacturers and distributors will have themselves a profitable quarter indeed.

Great job as always, Democrats. What would our country do without you?


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