Democrats and Republicans Share Blame for Trump Rise

Top Democrats and top Republicans sound much the same when talking about the meteoric campaign of Donald Trump. The New York City real estate baron is getting it from both sides, and his numbers continue to defy the constant onslaught of criticism. That’s not too surprising when you realize that both parties share equal blame for his success.

President Obama’s lawless reign of terror was guaranteed to inspire a conservative backlash heading into 2016. Conservatives have watched in horror as this president has undermined national security, made “peace” with the forces of Islamic darkness, and thwarted the Constitution. We’ve watched him set the wheels in motion, sliding America down a track that ends in democratic socialism. We’ve watched as Obama and the Democrats take insidious steps to divide us racially and culturally. The attacks on the South. The war on law enforcement. The endless vilification of conservative Christians.

Last November, conservatives came out in force to let Washington know that we’d had enough. Republicans dominated the mid-term elections, retaining control of the House of Representatives and gaining the majority in the Senate. Finally, the GOP would put an end to this madness. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell had a multi-part mandate, and they promised the public that they would live up to the task. No more amnesty. No more Obamacare. No more stalling on the Keystone pipeline. Republicans were going to approach Congress with the wrath of conservatism fueling their political efforts.

And then…nothing.

Time and again, voters were forced to stand idly by while Republican leadership flagrantly betrayed them. It’s one thing to realize you’re headed into a battle where the outcome is uncertain. It’s another thing to watch your friends flee the moment the battle starts. GOP leadership proved that is it either incompetent or cowardly, caving in every time they faced the slightest opposition. In time, they even began attacking conservatives in their own party. Whatever Republican lawmakers represented, it wasn’t conservatism.

In this way, Republicans and Democrats have conspired to create the monster known as Donald Trump. Seen through this prism, Trump’s unstoppable campaign is easy to understand. Here’s an outsider who isn’t afraid to rub people the wrong way. He isn’t working from a careful script. He isn’t concerned about political correctness. The further he gets from the typical politician, the more his numbers grow. Conservatives don’t want someone “presidential” if it means four more years of the same. Trump could backhand Jeb Bush in the next debate and his polling would probably soar through the roof.

To be honest, it’s been depressing to watch. Not because Trump is an outrageous candidate, but because Republicans are facing down an enemy too powerful to be this divided. Democrats have their own problems, but they aren’t in the middle of an ideological civil war. Until Republicans get on the same page, it’s going to be hard to win the White House.

All conservatives want is someone who will stand and fight. Someone who will stop kicking these important issues down the road, impotently placating big business and independent moderates and a hostile press. America is facing dark times, and we need someone who understands that. Trump is among a handful of Republican candidates who does. Is he the best possible choice? Probably not. Is he a better choice than another establishment RINO?


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