Democrats Angry That Trump Won’t Help Them Destroy His Presidency


President Trump has taken the lay of the land and determined that House Democrats do not have nearly the power they think they have. And he’s willing to prove it by simply stonewalling their demands for documents, tax returns, witnesses, and more. This position has inspired Democrats like House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings to sing from the highest mountain that THIS. LAWLESSNESS. WILL. NOT. STAND! Trump’s essential response: Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it?

See, Democrats are simply aggrieved that Trump will not help them in their mission to destroy his presidency. Unfortunately for them, the only real power they have is one of political rhetoric. That might have been powerful a few years ago. It might have put President Trump in such a precarious position that he would have no choice but to comply with their outlandish demands. The only problem is…they’ve cried wolf one time too many. The American people have heard it all before. So when they rode into battle this week with charges of a “constitutional crisis,” most Americans were like…yeah, you said that the last ten times you didn’t like something the president did. What else ya got?

“This is a massive, unprecedented, and growing pattern of obstruction,” said Cummings. “Yesterday, President Trump declared to the entire country that he would obstruct Congress and order all White House officials to defy lawful subpoenas from Congress. Today, the Trump Administration went even further by expanding this policy to employees at federal agencies—even when the subpoenas are bipartisan and supported by Republican Members of Congress.”

Cummings is forgetting a few things, of course. He’s forgetting that executive privilege is a thing, for one. He’s also forgetting that in the cases of the staffers that Democrats want to call as witnesses, they have every right to make sure they are protected by proper government counsel. More to the point, he’s forgetting that Democrats spent the last two years vowing that they would follow Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the ends of the earth. It is only now – now that Mueller has returned a report that shatters their entire bankrupt theory of Russian collusion – that they seem to consider the special counsel’s conclusions worthless.

No one expected anything less. But in their quest to bring down the duly-elected Republican President of the United States, the Democrats are acting in bad faith. Donald Trump sees that, the Republican Party sees that, and any American who isn’t eaten up with the virus of fake news can see that. The Democrats watched their house of cards fall on the day Mueller filed his report. They’re just too stupid to know when it’s over.

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