Democrats are Putting Our Security at Risk with Russia Nonsense

President Donald Trump demonstrated real courage and strength in Vietnam last week, despite the media’s attempts to make it look like just the opposite. Think about it: Trump is being accused (without any evidence at all) of colluding with Moscow in a successful effort to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton. Merely through a sense of self-preservation, therefore, one would expect him to stay as far away from Russian President Vladimir Putin as possible. And that would have been easy enough; there is broad consensus on both sides of the aisle that Russia can’t be trusted, and Trump is gaining virtually nothing – politically – by going out of his way to reach out to the Kremlin.

And yet he did. On several occasions in Vietnam last week, Trump spoke with Putin despite all of the attempts on the part of his aides to keep them apart. Why? Because he knows what Democrats (and more than a few Republicans) can’t seem to figure out, which is that better relations between the U.S. and Russia are not only GOOD for our nation, but indispensable. We MUST improve this relationship. Russia’s cooperation on terrorism, the ongoing war in Syria, and the sanctions against North Korea is extraordinarily valuable; Trump would have to be an utter fool (like his predecessor) to casually throw it aside.

And yet, it would have been such an easy path for Trump to take, given the enormous political pressure to do so. Hell, forget about political pressure. There’s a special counsel investigation closing in on some of his closest allies. Democrats are regularly threatening to impeach him. This is no joke; given control of Congress, there’s no doubt at all that Democrats would try everything in their power to remove Trump from office, and they would use this phony collusion story as the basis for doing so.

After saying that he believed Putin’s denials regarding election interference, Trump was called a traitor and worse by his political enemies in the United States. So great was the backlash that the president had to revise his comments a day or two later, assuring the press that he believed the intelligence reports that state that Russia was involved in the DNC hacks. But though he might have wavered on that point, he did not waver on his central point – that a better relationship with Russia was “a great thing.” And that, whatever Russia may or may not be guilty of, the sanctions passed by Congress earlier this year were far too harsh.

He is right on both counts. This doesn’t mean that Russia is some beacon of Western democracy, by any means. It doesn’t mean that Putin is a good guy, for God’s sake. It simply means that we have to be a little bit smarter about international diplomacy than to shun and marginalize a country as crucial to our global interests as Russia. It makes no sense whatsoever to freeze these relations into a second Cold War. Wasn’t the first one harmful enough? Do we really want to keep playing missile-footsie in Syria up to the point that we accidentally trigger direct confrontation? Do we not want a strong partner in the war against terror? Democrats aren’t just missing the forest for the trees, they are deliberately weakening our national security by obsessing over conspiracy-theory level nonsense.

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