Democrats Dare to Talk American Values?

Between the Republicans, the Democrats, and the mainstream media, we’ve been treated to an astounding amount of self-righteousness this week. Following Donald Trump’s proposal that we limit Muslim immigration, everyone and their mother has decided to stand up for religious liberty.

Where was all this support for religious tolerance when Kim Davis was sitting in a jail cell? Where was all of this concern about the Constitution when President Obama was making law from the Oval Office? Why is it that the plight of Islam is the only thing that can inspire American loyalty from this country’s leftists?

This week, several signs popped up in Atlanta making the comparison between Trump and Hitler. And graffiti artists aren’t the only ones making that allusion. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos actually asked Trump outright if he minded being compared to the most despicable man of the modern era.

Maybe if these parasites would look at some of the things even moderate Muslims think about Jews and the state of Israel, they would realize that they are putting the swastika in the wrong place.

Worst of all is this repeated proclamation that Donald Trump has finally gone too far. That his comments are a manifest betrayal of our core American values. That’s one thing coming from some of the more reasonable Republican candidates, but it’s quite another coming from Democrats like Hillary Clinton.

How dare anyone on that side of the aisle talk about American values? Don’t tell us about core American values while you’re out there promoting an organization that puts a million babies in the garbage every year. Don’t tell us about our values while trying to paint the entire South as a racist institution that would reinstate slavery if given half the chance. Don’t you dare talk about the fundamental liberties this country was founded on while trying to burn the Second Amendment at every opportunity. If the Democratic Party stands for American values, then American values suck.

One of the main reasons Trump is succeeding is because voters have lost faith in the Republican Party. And instead of trying to win back that faith, the party seems to think that the key to victory in 2016 is to tell the conservative base that they don’t know what they’re talking about. That Trump supporters are somehow wrong for cheering a man who wants to actually solve the problem of Islamic terrorism instead of just talking about it. Guys, we’re not going to defeat ISIS by ruminating vaguely about how other countries need to do the heavy lifting. And we’re certainly not going to win the White House by echoing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Finally, when it comes to Islam specifically, we need to make something perfectly clear: Being a Muslim is a choice. It’s not an ethnicity. It’s not a race. Yes, this country was founded upon the principles of religious freedom. Yes, it’s unfortunate that we’ve gotten to this point in the game. But maybe if we had leadership that would actually address this enemy by its name, we wouldn’t have to talk about such extreme and extraordinary measures. In the meantime, though, Americans are sick of hearing non-solutions.

You got a better idea? Let’s hear it. We’re listening.

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