Democrats Decide Steve Scalise Has Nothing to Add to Gun Debate

Imagine this scenario: A Democratic congresswoman has a well-known and well-documented event in her past in which she was raped on a college campus. So when the Republican majority takes up legislation to loosen the laws surrounding campus sexual assaults, she naturally asks the leadership if she can weigh in with her testimony. After all, she’s the one who suffered sexual violence on a college campus, doesn’t it stand to reason that she might have something relevant to add to the discussion (even if it might not be what GOP party leaders want to hear)? But the Republicans, terrified of being told that they are pursuing garbage legislation, refuse to let her speak.

What do you think the headlines would look like the next day if that fictional scenario were to unfold? There would be pussyhats in the streets of Washington for days.

Now back to reality, where Democrats just pulled a stunt very much like the one outlined above. In hearings on a new background check bill that the party wants to shove through, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) thought he might have something of value to add to the conversation. He is, after all, the one member of Congress with more firsthand experience with gun violence than anyone else on the House floor. He was the one who was nearly killed by a deranged leftist in the summer of 2017. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that he might have some light to shed on this very topic?

But…Democrats said no way.

Scalise, enraged at being silenced in the halls of Congress, decided to take his speech and publish it for all to read.

From his Fox News piece:

I applaud the intentions behind this hearing and believe we are all pursuing the same goal of reducing gun violence.


[But] the new gun control restrictions currently being considered by the Democratic majority in H.R. 8 would not have prevented my shooting.

In fact, these new gun control measures being proposed in H.R. 8 would not have prevented any number of recent mass violence events. Several perpetrators of recent multi-victim shootings also purchased their guns legally. In some instances, the background check system failed, and lack of intervention from law enforcement failed to intercept potential threats.


Instead, whether intentionally or not, the gun control proposals in H.R. 8 could turn law abiding citizens into criminals while also failing to achieve the stated purpose of reducing gun violence.

The entire article is worth reading, but it would have been better heard on the floor of the House where this legislation is being deliberated. One doubts that even a single Democrat gun-grabber would have changed their mind about this bill after listening to Scalise rip it apart, but at least the idiocy of their legislation would have been entered into the official record.

In the meantime, Republicans from Donald Trump on down should shame the hell out of the Democrats for refusing to give Scalise his well-deserved say.

What, exactly, were they so afraid of hearing?

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