Democrats Desperately Distancing Themselves From Obama

Say what you will about congressional Democrats – and there’s plenty to say – but they at least know which way the winds are blowing. With polling suggesting that the fight for control of the Senate is going to come down to the wire in November, many Democrats are starting to noticeably leave President Obama out of their rhetoric. According to an examination of floor speeches made in Congress over the last year, Democrats are increasingly widening the distance between themselves and the president.

This is a marked turnaround for America’s elected liberals. Does anyone remember the hype around the president in the early days of his first term? Liberals legitimately thought this guy was the second coming. They fawned over him like he was a god in man’s clothing. Democrats were ready to enshrine him in gold and put his face on the donkey. What a coup! Not only did they have someone with charisma, they had a president who was somehow immune to criticism. Any critics of the president were, by definition, obviously racist!

The media supported him beyond even the typical Democrat politician. Opposition groups like the Tea Party were categorized as selfish, stupid, and borderline dangerous. This was the age of Obama, and anyone who wasn’t on board was a Luddite.

My, how times have changed.

Yeah, there are still those small groups out there claiming racism, but they’ve become the minority. And Democrats in Congress know better than to go down with the sinking ship. These politicians know where their bread is buttered. Congressional and gubernatorial races around the country are using Obama as a centerpoint to their campaigns. Not the Democrats, but the Republicans! Things have turned around so sharply that Republicans are able to point to their opponents talking positively about the president, turning it into a major liability for Democrats.

In a way, it’s a beautiful thing to behold. In another way, though, it’s a scary look at political psychology. Because there are too many voters out there who will fall into this trap. They know that Obama has been a nightmare for this country. They have admitted in major polls that if the 2012 election were to be held again today, they would vote for Mitt Romney instead. But can they see through this transparent attempt on the part of the Democrats to pretend like they never supported Obama to begin with?

Several analysts have pointed out that Hillary Clinton – the current frontrunner for the Dems in 2016 – will have a hard time separating herself from the Obama administration. After all, she spent four years as part of that administration. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter that much. Poll after poll has shown her with a decided lead over proposed Democratic challengers, and she’s defeated every potential GOP candidate in the same polls.

Maybe that’s a sign that none of this really matters. Low information voters are going to go with the familiar choice. They’re going to go with the cult of celebrity. If that’s true, then we’ve lost a big part of what makes the democratic process work.

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