Democrats Didn’t Like Barr’s Summary. So What?

Why are Democrats wasting our time with this charade, exactly? From the halls of Congress to the pages of The New York Times, they are screaming that Attorney General William Barr mislead them, mislead the public, that he’s a toady for President Trump, and he must be impeached immediately. Why? Because they didn’t like the 4-page summary of the Mueller report he handed out only a few days after the special counsel finished his investigation. That’s all. That’s the whole reason.

Our question is: So what?

As Hillary Clinton might say: At this point, what difference does it make?

The Democrats (and the public) have their hands on the full Mueller report. They can make of it what they will. It doesn’t matter anymore what Barr said. It doesn’t matter how he handled Mueller’s findings on obstruction of justice, seeing as how indicting the president was never an option to begin with. It really doesn’t matter what Robert Mueller thought of that original memo. It’s over. We’re past it. Why are Democrats so hellbent on turning Barr into the enemy?

Well, the answer is obvious. They are enraged that they lost control of the “narrative” for a few days after the Mueller investigation was concluded. There was at least one whole day where the mainstream media’s headlines and TV chyrons were actually – gasp! – favorable to President Trump.

It didn’t last long. It was only a matter of hours before “journalists” realized how damaging this report could be for their careers and their ratings and their subscriptions. At that point, they decided that in order to save face, they had to turn someone else into the boogeyman. It couldn’t be Mueller, because they’d spent the last two years making sure we knew what a fine, upstanding man of the law he was. But Barr…oh yes, Barr would do quite nicely.

And so we’re still stuck in this “saving face” mode. Long after Barr’s initial memo lapsed into utter irrelevance, the Democrats are still trying to convince America that he committed an unforgivable sin against the public. That sin, of course, was to allow Donald Trump even a single day’s reprieve from the onslaught of bad press that has hounded him since he first stepped into the White House. If he’d just given the Mueller report to them right off the bat, THEY could have been the ones to control the narrative from the get-go. And that narrative would have been all about obstruction and not a BIT about the complete collapse of this Russian collusion hoax.

How do we know? Because since the release of the full report, that’s all they’ve talked about. That’s all they want to focus on. It’s like they’ve been bragging for two years that they had the smelliest bait in the world and that they were going to catch the biggest fish you’d ever seen in your life. And then the time comes to put up or shut up, they catch a crusty old boot.

“But,” they say as you’re driving back to town, “that was some damn smelly bait, wasn’t it!”

Yeah, Democrats. It was. Great work.

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