Democrats Finish Up “We’re Really Republicans” Week in Philly


By the time the balloons poured from the rafters of the Wells Fargo arena in Philadelphia, nearly every pundit in the media had offered some variation of the same sentiment: My gosh, the Democratic National Convention looked a lot like “the old” Republican Party, didn’t it?

As though it was a coincidence.

You have to hand it to Hillary Clinton, though. She pulled off a masterful convention this week, and she’s pursuing the single best strategy she can to defeat Donald Trump in November. That strategy is hindered somewhat by the Bernie Sanders coalition still irritated at her victory, but it’s intact nonetheless. Her mission is to present herself as a palatable choice to Republican voters who cannot stomach the thought of choosing Trump. And the media’s mission is to coax viewers along and get them to accept that absurd message.

Over and over again this week, Democrats pushed the imagery of patriotism. The flag. The Founding Fathers. The Constitution.

They devoted hours to the subject of national security, using military generals and former CIA directors to present Hillary Clinton as a steady figure ready to be commander-in-chief.

They even made several favorable allusions to Ronald Reagan.

No doubt, there is an audience out there susceptible to this strategy. You don’t exactly have to be a politics buff to know there are Republican voters disappointed in the GOP’s nominee. Some feel he isn’t conservative enough to head up the party. Others feel he isn’t qualified to be the president. And then there are some who simply don’t like him; his personality is…well…not to everyone’s taste.

But to those voters, we ask: What does Hillary Clinton really offer?

Conservatives who think Trump is too liberal cannot possible be tempted to vote for her. In her heart, Clinton may not be the left-wing nut that our current president is, but she’s eagerly embraced the direction of the Democratic Party under Obama and has promised more of the same. Don’t expect her to tread the Third Way path of her husband; on guns, healthcare, taxes, abortion, immigration, and more, she’s every bit as liberal as the guy we have now.

Those concerned about Trump’s qualifications should remember that Clinton’s resume is not nearly as impressive as it might sound on paper (or in a soaring, dramatic speech). It’s one thing to be First Lady, senator, and Secretary of State; it’s another thing to actually develop a record of accomplishment in those positions. Clinton’s record is one of incompetence, bad judgement, and crime.

The Democrats did their best this week to absorb the Republican Party, but their superficial platitudes disguised an extreme-left platform that will lead this country further away from the core principles of its founding.

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