Democrats Go All In With the Extreme Left

At this point, we have to wonder: Who, exactly, are the Democrats in Washington representing?

Every day since the election of Donald Trump, congressional Democrats have increased the stridency of their opposition to the new president. For the first couple of weeks, we heard a few of them talk hopefully about working with Trump on trade, infrastructure, and pharmaceutical reform. True, those voices were drowned out by the rising hysteria and anger from the left, but they were there. Even Bernie Sanders, of all people, expressed a willingness to work with the new Republican administration.

In recent weeks, though, there’s been very little of that kind of talk. The Democrats now appear to be taking their marching orders from left-wing protesters, socialist media commentators, and the legions of imbeciles who populate Twitter. They’ve decided, against all reason, that there’s more political profit in pandering to the extreme liberal fringe than there is in pulling disaffected Blue Dogs back into the party.

The people protesting out on the streets get a lot of attention. The idiots screaming into a bullhorn outside Mitch McConnell’s house make for great television. The marchers wearing homemade hats with cat ears look fantastic on the front page.

But those people do not represent the majority of Americans. And, as the Democrats are eventually going to realize, they don’t even represent the majority of their own voters.

According to a new Politico poll, 54% of American voters approve of a measure to block new federal regulations while only 33% think it’s a bad idea. 48% are in favor of President Trump’s decision to breathe life back into the Keystone Pipeline – only 37% disapprove.

When it comes to immigration, the numbers are even clearer. 55% of American voters approve of Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven dangerous Middle Eastern countries, while 38% object. The same majority wants to see the Trump administration yank federal funding from sanctuary cities; only 33% support those un-American policies.

Now imagine what those numbers would look like if the mainstream media wasn’t brainwashing the public with one obscenely biased story after another.

With minorities in both houses of Congress, Democrats aren’t going to be able to block much of Trump’s agenda for the next two years. But if they were smart enough to learn the lessons of the 2016 election and pick their battles wisely, they could reasonably set themselves up for a comeback in the midterms.

Instead, they’re doubling down on everything the voters rejected because they think the real America can be found in the comment section at

We imagine there were a great many voters who paused for a long time on November 8th before ultimately punching their ballots for Trump.

Thanks to a wildly-misguided Democratic Party, those voters will have a much easier choice when the next election rolls around.


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