Democrats Horrified by Trump’s Cabinet Nominees


Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Harry Reid are warning Americans that President-elect Donald Trump is already proving that he will not be a leader for all people. By naming people like Sen. Jeff Sessions to the position of attorney general, Steve Bannon to the chief strategist post, and Gen. Mike Flynn to the position of national security adviser, Trump is wildly, brazenly choosing loyal men who agree with his campaign proposals. How dare he betray the voters by doing what he said he would do?

Democrats and the press are giving Trump a pass on Reince Priebus (Chief of staff) and Mike Pompeo (CIA director), but they have their hands full with Sessions, Bannon, and Flynn. The way they’ve gone after Sessions, you almost have to wonder how this dangerous racist has flown under the radar for the last thirty years. Suddenly, now that he’s up for AG, the media’s treating him like he’s been an outspoken member of the KKK this whole time.

With Bannon, the hysteria borders on slander. They’re out there calling him a white nationalist based on a logical thread as tenuous as the worst Republican “conspiracy theories” you can find. He said once that his site, Breitbart News was a “platform for the alt-right.” One of the intellectual leaders of the alt-right movement is Richard Spencer. Spencer has advocated for a white homeland, making him a white nationalist. Therefore, Bannon is a white nationalist. These are the same people that say it’s irresponsible to draw connections between CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

As for Flynn, the media can’t even decide where to turn their attention. They don’t like him because he campaigned too vigorously for Trump. They don’t like him because he said some things about Islam that don’t match the Obama worldview. They don’t like him because he brings military and intelligence experience to the NSA position, a radical change from the current situation.

Generally speaking, you get the feeling they don’t like these appointees because they are the exact opposite of what we’ve had for the last eight years. They must have missed the election where millions of Americans said that’s precisely what they want.

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