Democrats Investing in Bogus Replacement Theory


Rather than dealing with the REALITY of inflation, supply-chain shortages, record crime rates, a deadly drug epidemic, the surge in illegal border crossings, increasing Covid cases, the failing of the public school system, and the loss of world military and economic leadership, Democrats are pinning their hopes of maintaining control of Congress on a serious of false narratives designed to demonize the Republican Party from the top on down as an existential danger to the Republic.

It is fearmongering at its best.  According to the progressive Democrat script, the Republican half of America is a threat to the Republic … a threat to women … a threat to gays … a threat to minorities … a threat to seniors … a threat to children … a threat to the future of mankind … ad nauseam.  And it is all because they fear the growth of the non-White European Christian population.

The Democrats’ strategy for the 2022 midterm elections is based on hyperbolic narratives or totally concocted narratives.  We remember the two-year Russian Conspiracy Narrative that came crashing down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.  They elevate the problem of isolated institutional racism – over which they preside – into a universal racism of all White folks, with emphasis on Republicans.  We are living through the escalation of a riot re-defined as an ongoing insurrection – a coup attempt that will be repeated in the future.

These nonsensical narratives would get even less traction with the public if it were not for the fact that so much of the media serves as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party (radical left faction).

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Based on the polling data – and the prospect of Republicans taking over the House and maybe the Senate next year – Democrats are painfully aware that their extreme narratives are not doing the job.  And the more those on the left see disaster in November, the more desperate … the more extreme … and the more ridiculous the narratives are getting.

In their desperation, Democrats are intensifying their efforts to sell their “Replacement Theory”.  It basically means that White Christians of European ancestry are cowering in fear of being “replaced” by folks that are not … White Christian Europeans.  “Replacement” is a bogus politically motivated theory that is parasitical to the left’s equally bogus theory of endemic racism in America – a cultural affliction confined to … White European Christian Republicans.

The Replacement propaganda fails to explain why more Asians, Hispanics and Blacks are switching to the Republican Party.  The Replacement Theory fails to explain why all those White European Christian Democrats are immune.  But propaganda narratives are not meant to make sense – only drive votes based on anger and fear.

None of this nonsense passes the sniff test.  It is just part of the left’s authoritarian strategy to create an enemy from within the nation – an enemy from which only Democrats can save the Republic and its people.  It operates on the impossible theory that the only way to save democracy is to crush the voices of opposition and empowering a top-down one-party elitist system.

If Hitler’s maniacal ranting against Jews comes to mind, you are getting it.  The “enemy within” approach has been the standard operating procedure for tyrants since the dawn of time.  We see that approach in real-time with the Madman of Moscow, Vladimir Putin, creating an image of the Ukrainian people as neo-Nazis.  The genocidal conflicts currently raging in Africa are more examples.

The “enemy within” strategy has not been a standard operating procedure in American politics until recently.  It is the culmination of the authoritarian left’s disdain for a true grassroots democracy.

The Replacement Theory is born of the same authoritarian obsession – ultimate power.  Democrat strategists know that their hardcore radical base – those seeking leftwing one-party rule – is not enough to win the votes of a freedom-loving critical-thinking public.  They need to form a coalition based on fear.  They need to create an “enemy within” that does not exist.

As I have written on many occasions, America is not a systemically racist nation.  Yes, there are people with racist beliefs – hateful.  There are some in America who are White supremacists.  And they do bad things.  There are also Blacks who hate White people.  They do bad things.  There are Black and White people who hate Asians – and vice versa.  There are Hispanics who hate Blacks – and vice versa.  There are Christians who hate Muslims – and vice versa.  And on and on it goes.

BUT … all this hatred and all the bad things that come out of it come from a very, very, very small number of people – not even enough to be calculated by percentage.  Just because most Mafia types were Italians, most Italians were not part of organized crime.  Just a handful.

In modern America, racism or xenophobia does not course through the veins of the vast majority of White European Christian American Republicans – or most other Americans.  As a nation of evolving diversity – largely based on immigration – there is more integration, comity and tolerance among the American people today than at any time in American history.  Despite the efforts of the left to prevent assimilation through the evil of identity politics – and to pit one group against another — the melting pot is working.  There are more interracial marriages and families than ever.  More integrated communities than ever.  More diverse work environments than ever.  More representation of minorities in movies, on television.  More minorities in leadership.  And all of that is for the good.

The hateful and violent actions of the small number of racists, xenophobes and homophobes are small in number, although their acts of evil are great in the attention they rightfully attract.  But they are made to loom even larger when magnified and spun by a biased media into false accusations against folks the left identifies as enemies of the state.  

Those who produce evil in our society are the cancer – and that cancer is not inherent to any group.  Evil is not the standard of White European Christians.  Nor is it the standard Black Muslims … Asian Buddhists … or Hispanic Catholics.  Evil is not the characteristic of any demographic.  That is stereotyping – and that, itself, is evil.

Replacement Theory is just another one of the concocted narratives that elitists create to influence the public in order to maintain political power.

The kind of racism we saw in Buffalo, New York requires strict law enforcement, enhanced preventative measures and education.  It is a social cancer that must be isolated and removed.  Unjustly accusing half of America of being the source of all evil is just not true – and not going to be convincing to a public with a keen common sense.

Perhaps the biggest problem America faces is the flow of hateful rhetoric coming from the leaders of the Democratic Party.  They are the ones who need to be replaced.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. Peter parker says

    That was absolutely brilliant and you hit every single point that needs to be Express and shared over and over again but I’m sure Twitter won’t allow that and these platforms that are controlled by the Democratic machine

  2. George says

    The DemonRats created the inflation we have today. They Own it ! Everything against Man and Nature that’s Bad and Evil they own. Thank a DemonRat if you can find one.

  3. Tellingit says

    Apparently, Progressive Socialists, aka Dimocrats, believe conservatives are too stupid to comprehend the term “projection.” It needs to be demonstrated, in November, 2022 and 2024, their delusion is unfounded.

    Let’s go, Brandon!

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