Democrats Must Stop Lying About Stacey Abrams’s Loss in Georgia


At a DNC event in Georgia last week, Joe Biden made headlines with his sudden reversal on the Hyde amendment, flipping a position he’s had for forty years because he got a couple of days of bad press from the left. That embarrassing spectacle was definitely worth talking about, but the coverage of Biden’s cowardice obscured something he said that was even worse. In remarks about Stacey Abrams, the woman who lost the gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp last year, Biden said, “Voter suppression is the reason why Stacey Abrams isn’t governor right now.” In repeating this Democrat lie, Biden disqualified himself from holding any further public office, let alone the presidency.

According to the Big Stacey Abrams Lie (promoted by no one as vigorously as Abrams herself), the Republicans and Brian Kemp cheated their way to victory in November 2018. Kemp’s greatest sin, of course, was to be the Georgia Secretary of State at the time of the election, a position that raised suspicions about his ability to fairly preside over a race that he himself was in. But while it may be fair to say that Kemp should have recused himself to avoid the appearance of a conflict, there is no evidence to suggest he did anything wrong.

In his remarks on Friday, Biden accused Republicans of launching a “methodical assault” on voting rights that resembled the Jim Crow laws of the pre-civil rights South. He failed to mention that the statutes that Kemp enforced were passed by Democrats in 1997. Democrats in the Georgia legislature and a Democrat in the governor’s office. This law required the state to rid the voter rolls of people who had died, moved, or been locked away in prison. It was because of this law that Kemp’s office removed 600,000 people from the voting rolls.

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Is it possible that some of those names were removed in error? Sure. But if enough Democrats/black voters were removed from the rolls erroneously that it would have made a significant difference in the race, wouldn’t we have heard from those people by now? Wouldn’t there be a massive outpouring of disenfranchised voters coming to the media to say, Hey, we were robbed of our rights! That hasn’t happened, and since we’re now eight months out from the fact, we have to assume it isn’t going to. If this was a crime, it was a crime without a victim.

We know, we know. Democrats want to expand “voting rights” to the point where illegal voters can stream to the polls without fear of being stopped by any legal checks whatsoever. Their transparent attempt to defraud democracy is as cynical as it is obvious.

But it’s time to stand up and correct these Democrats like Biden (and Pete Buttigieg…and others) who continue to insist that Stacey Abrams was robbed of her rightful governorship. She wasn’t. Telling this lie does far more damage to our country’s faith in elections than any Russian troll army ever did. They need to stop.

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