Democrats Plotting and Scheming to Save Obamacare

Senate Republicans are determined to pass their version of a new healthcare bill by July 4th, and Democrats are preparing various ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. According to a new report from Politico and Fox News, Chuck Schumer’s minions are plotting to stall the GOP through public statements, filibusters, and any other means necessary. Included in that is the narrative that Republicans are proceeding with the bill in a secretive, closed-door fashion that prevents the public from knowing what’s going into the law before it comes up for a vote.

That narrative was used against Democrats in 2009, when the original healthcare bill – the monster that ultimately came to be known as Obamacare – was being deliberated. But now Democrats are telling the press that while the accusations against them were untrue, they really do have a case against Republicans.

“Doing this behind closed doors is actually not what we did,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn).

No, of course not. That would mean the Democratic Party did something undemocratic and wrong, and we all know that Democrats are right on every issue, every dot and tittle of political policy, and every ethical/moral issue in Washington. So it goes without saying that Obamacare was a beautiful, life-saving law and that it was passed in the finest traditions of democratic legislation. Who would possibly argue otherwise, except those damn, dirty Republicans and their damn, dirty tricks, right? Right.

Of course, the Democrats won’t really be a part of this process at all. At least, not if Mitch McConnell has anything to say about it. The Senate is going to try and pass the bill using a budget reconciliation process that will allow them to put the legislation through with a simple majority vote. That will require them to get nearly every single Republican on board, but it won’t require them to reach across the aisle. And that’s a good thing, because the Democrats have no interest in cooperating, regardless of what’s in the bill.

In fact, they are planning to use every trick in the book to push the Republicans off track. From Fox News:

How far Senate Democrats will go to slow the chamber’s day-to-day business, particularly hearings, remains unclear. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and other members of his leadership team have declined to talk to Fox News about such plans.

However, Fox has confirmed that they intend to at least slow the process with extended speeches on the chamber floor, as first reported by Politico.

The pressure is on Republicans to repeal or at least fix ObamaCare.

One thing is certain: The GOP faces certain political disaster if they can’t make this happen. And even if they do, many of them are going to leave themselves wide open for primary attacks, because whatever bill they pass, it will certainly not be the kind of total repeal-and-replace of Obamacare that nearly every one of them promised the voters. Republicans have gotten themselves into a hell of a jam with this healthcare debacle, and it’s going to take some serious guts and creativity to get themselves out of it.

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