Democrats Scared Sick About Having Sanders at the Top of 2020 Ticket

Republican Party insiders are cautiously pessimistic about taking back control of the House in 2020, but with only 18 seats separating them from the majority, there is still hope to turn November into a clean, dominating sweep over the Democrats. The impeachment trial, which saw (more or less) every House Democrat in vulnerable districts vote against President Trump, may have made that prospect that much more realistic.

But according to a new story from Fox News, swing-district Democrats are less concerned about the impeachment vote coming back to haunt them than about another dismal possibility: That they’ll have to run with Bernie Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket.

“It’s bad,” one Democrat newcomer told Fox News on Thursday. “We are having conversations about how to deal with this.”

Another Democrat was even more blunt: “If he’s the nominee, we lose.”

“Two other vulnerable Democrats said a Sanders nomination would almost certainly cede their states to President Trump and could hurt their down-ballot races for the House and Senate,” reports Fox. “Exacerbating their concerns is the dismal finish for former Vice President Joe Biden, who had staked his candidacy on being able to beat Trump in swing states and appeal to more centrist voters. Now Democrats are grappling with the possibility that the fractured electorate could propel Sanders to the nomination.”

Few incumbent Democrats will go on record opposing the nomination of Sanders, but Biden campaign official Rep. Cedric Richmond thinks it’s time to sound the alarm bell.  

“Elected officials across the country understand there will be down-ballot carnage to the Democratic Party if we elect the wrong person,” Richmond told Politico. “If Bernie Sanders were atop of the ticket, we would be in jeopardy of losing the House, we would not win the Senate back.”

It’s tough to know how to look at all of this. On the one hand, we’re inclined to agree: A Sanders nomination would hand the presidency back to Trump, and it wouldn’t even be close. No way are people going to risk overturning the apple cart at a time when the economy is booming like this. No way are Americans going to throw away the capitalist dream in favor of becoming “more like Norway.” Or even “more like Canada.” Anti-Americanism is running high these days on the left, to be sure, but high enough to win a presidential election? Hmm, not sure about that.

On the other hand, these Democrats saying that Sanders will sink the whole party sound an awful like the Republicans who were saying the same thing about Donald Trump in 2015, 2016.

So don’t get cocky.

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