Democrats Want Illegals to Vote

While Democrats try everything in their power to paint voter ID laws as racist, disenfranchising, and wrong, elections officials are telling Congress that executive amnesty will open up loopholes allowing illegals to vote. Combine this with the push in several cities to actually allow non-citizens the right to cast local ballots, and you have a clear demonstration of exactly where the left wants this to end.

According to officials, giving illegal immigrants Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses will make it much tougher to stop fraud at the polls. Testifying before Congress on Thursday, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said that Obama’s amnesty will hamper their efforts to keep the voting rolls clean. Absent the tools or time necessary to closely scrutinize registration forms, the two officials insisted that it was a “guarantee” that illegals would find a way through the system.

Husted said he had written to the administration asking for assistance in identifying noncitizens with Social Security numbers. This, he said, would help states go back through the registries and find those who didn’t belong there. Unsurprisingly, the administration didn’t bother to get back to him.

The Party of Fraud

Naturally, Democrats are playing down the problem. Eleanor Norton of D.C. went on a tirade, saying, “The Republicans may want to go down in history as the party who tried once again 100 years later to nullify the right to vote. Well, I am here to say they shall not succeed.”

Unbelievable. This is the state of politics in 2015, where Democrats can make the argument that standing against voter fraud is the unpatriotic position. Not just make it, but make it successfully! Does anyone think for one minute that Democrats would facilitate such lax voting requirements if they thought it would draw in conservative voters? Not a chance. Their stance on this issue is purely political.

Only four states currently require proof of citizenship before registering to vote. Of course, that’s not such a huge issue when it’s easy to tell the difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. When you’re handing out driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers, the situation gets trickier. And even if you believe, as some Democrats have argued, that illegals are not going to risk deportation just to vote, there’s no excuse for leaving the door open to fraud.

A study came out last year that confirmed the role illegals played in the 2008 election. According to the study, a “significant number” of voters cast a ballot illegally that year, and they voted overwhelmingly in favor of Democrats. Obama cruised into the White House with “more than 80 percent of the non-citizen vote.” This wasn’t a study done by the Heritage Foundation. This was carried out by Harvard’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study. It proves conclusively that Democrats don’t just support voter fraud, they depend on it.

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