Demographic Shift: When Muslims Outnumber Everyone

Representing only .06% of the population, Islam has yet to make an enormous splash in American politics. While the religion has made more than its share of waves in the last twenty years – most of which come down to terrorist attacks – Muslims do not yet come close to matching Christians or even Jews when it comes to the U.S. population. That said, there are valid concerns that this might be changing and changing fast.

Gathering in Chicago, the Islamic Strategy Conference said, “We must prepare ourselves for the reality that in 30 years there will be 50 million Muslims living in America.”

The Baby Boom

Around the world, Islam is undoubtedly the fastest-growing religion on the planet. There are more mosques than churches in the south of France, an enormous shift in Islamic population has been seen in all of Europe, and birth rates among Muslims far outpace those of Western religions. The West has embraced all the little niceties of the liberal movement like contraception, delayed marriage, divorce, and abortion, and it has led to an inevitable shrinking birth rate in Europe and the United States.

Meanwhile, what is happening in the Muslim community? What are they learning? Well, not abortion, that’s for sure. Instead, they are adhering to calls for polygamy, abandoning contraception, and maximizing the number of babies they invite into the world.

As far back as 2009, the UK’s Daily Telegraph issued a warning about the “demographic time bomb” getting ready to change the European Union. Unrestrained immigration had led to the influx of millions of Muslims “who will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades.” Analysts since then have predicted that Britain will find itself a majority Muslim country by the year 2050.

Meanwhile, an Ocean Away…

Because population rates among Muslims are so low in the United States – and because we have strict immigration laws (when they aren’t being thwarted by the president) – no such shocking shift awaits us. Well, at least not that quickly. Still, it can’t be ignored that the world is changing rapidly. To discount what that will mean for the future of America would be folly. Muslims were only about 12% of the human race in 1900. Today, they represent 22.5%. Eventually, this growth will shape America’s demographics as much as it has Europe’s.

It’s a touchy subject, even for conservatives. After all, don’t we believe in freedom of religion? Of course. But we have to recognize the geopolitical realities of the situation. In November alone, Islamic terrorists were responsible for more than 5,000 deaths. And it doesn’t really matter that most of their victims were also Muslim because the Islamic world has done virtually nothing to stop the killing in the absence of considerable Western firepower.

Not all Muslims are bad people – that’s not what this is about. It’s about what happens when there are enough Muslims in America to allow for a substantial population of radicals to rise up as well. Radicals who want to replace the Constitution with the Quran, the Bill of Rights with Sharia Law. Is it a worse-case scenario? Maybe. But unless we tame the beast that is extremism, it’s nearly inevitable.

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