Dems Shocked as NYPD Union Endorses President Trump for Reelection

New York Democrats, who have thrown their support completely behind Black Lives Matter and the insidious “Defund the Police” movement, were shocked and outraged on Friday when one of the largest New York City police unions endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection. Imagine, at a moment when policing – your very existence, indeed – is being attacked by Democrats, thinking that you might want to support the guy who wants to keep police just the way they are! Imagine being a Democrat who finds anything surprising about this development!

On Friday, President Trump spoke to members of the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA), which represents nearly 30,000 NYPD officers. At an event at his Bedminster golf club, Trump accepted the group’s endorsement.

In his speech, PBA President Pay Lynch said that this might be the first time that the police union has ever officially endorsed a presidential candidate.

“I have 36 years on this job, 21 as the president of this fine organization. I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for Office of the President of the United States, until now. That’s how important this is,” Lynch said. “Many times people say that a union like ours, law enforcement groups, give endorsements. Not in the New York City PBA, sir. In the New York City PBA, Mr. President, you earn the endorsement and you’ve earned this endorsement. I’m proud to give it.

“I’ve admired you my whole life, watched you do a job like nobody else, nobody else done it,” he continued. “Best of the best and I’m happy you’re here.”

In his own speech, President Trump said, “No one will be safe in Biden’s America. This guy has been taking your dignity away and your respect. And I’m telling you on Nov. 3 you’re going to be getting it back.”

All of this was just too much to take for New York Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“NYPD union endorsed Trump. I’m sure this is part of their neighborhood outreach plan,” she tweeted. “Also, does anyone else see a potential problem with police unions – enforcement arms of the state with lethal weapons – promoting ‘preferred’ candidates for office or is that just me?”

Literally the first time we’ve ever seen a Democrat complain about a union endorsing a politician.

Progressive newcomer Jamaal Bowman was also upset. The young Democrat, who unseated Rep. Elliot Engel (D-NY) in a primary earlier this summer, said he was “speechless” over the endorsement.

“NYC is a beautifully diverse, working class, democratic city. The NYPD is clearly showing they are not interested in working with the people of our city,” he wrote. “This explains their continued aggression against innocent people. It’s time for dramatic change.”

If that “change” involves New Yorkers finally waking up to the damage that progressives are doing to their city, we’d have to agree. It’s time, indeed.

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