Dentist’s Fake Arm Didn’t Work For Italy’s Covid Vaccine Passport


You’ve got to hand it to this guy in Italy for his rather unique idea on how to skip the COVID shot but still obtain the country’s required vaccine passport. 

The man, a dentist, now faces possible criminal charges after trying to receive a coronavirus vaccine in a fake arm made of silicone.

A nurse in the northern city of Biella, Filippa Bua, said she could tell right away that something was off when a man presented the phony limb for a COVID shot.

“When I uncovered the arm, I felt skin that was cold and gummy, and the color was too light,’’ Bua told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

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She said she initially thought the 57-year-old man was an amputee and had mistakenly offered the wrong arm. She lifted his shirt and saw a silicone arm.

“I understood immediately that the man was trying to avoid the vaccination by using a silicone prosthetic, into which he hoped that I would inject the drug, unaware, Bua said.

The nurse said the man acknowledged he did not want a vaccine but to obtain a “super” health pass, which is now required in Italy to enter restaurants, cinemas, theaters, and other venues.

He had already been suspended from work because of his refusal to get vaccinated, which Italy requires for all medical personnel.

The nurse said the man was courteous and left the vaccination center after the failed attempt.

“We stopped and reflected, and we understood that this wasn’t just a surreal situation, but a real attempt at fraud,’’ Bua said. She and others at the vaccination site turned paperwork over to superiors so they could report the case, which has been given to prosecutors.

While Italy’s vaccination rate is relatively high at 85% of the currently eligible population ages 12 and over, people in the age range from 30 to 59 have proven the most resistant to vaccinations, with nearly 3.5 million still not having received their first doses.

  1. Christiann says

    The poison jab is 90% graphene oxide which is a toxic metal which is causing the variants!! KEEP YOUR DNA PURE!!!

  2. Human says

    Drastic times call for Drastic measures. When someone does something that seems so outrageous we have to ask ourselves what would drive a seemingly normal human being to such extreme actions. This particular individual may very well have psychological issues or perhaps it’s a direct result of a response to tyrannical mandates imposed by agenda driven political forces. Instead of evaluating the actual necessity for government to dictate Instead we see knee jerk responses from an out of touch beauracracy. People’s feelings only matter when it suits government and its narratives. No exclusions for anyone will be tolerated. We see this time after time in the new socialistic ideology of the huge western european nations and we’re seeing our own nation attempting to push the same nonsense here in the US. When neighbors are okay with watching others being strong armed into all sorts of despotic behaviors. Locking up people who simply don’t want aborted fetal tissue injected into their bodies and then charging them for the inconvenience like we see in Australia to no grocery shopping for unvaccinated in Canada and vaccine passports in Italy England and so many others. This just continues to devolve into more aggressive authoritarian rule. Inevitably the constant push bu governments worldwide those whom feel oppressed will push back. Corner even the most gentle of creatures and eventually they will bite and that’s exactly where we are headed. Regardless of the foolish policies being implemented in european nations we see the futility of those efforts in a truly free society with constitutional protections of our freedoms. As we have all witnessed the courts in the United States have agreed over and over that these draconian measures have no place in a free society. This is precisely why we should never acquiesce to overt displays of forced behaviors by governmental ideologs. Remain free and God Bless America

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