DeSantis Tells Fellow Republicans They Must Hold Biden “Accountable” If They Take Back the House!


An angry Ron DeSantis says that Republicans must “hold Biden and his minions accountable” if they get control of Congress.

The Florida governor expressed his outrage and frustrations with Biden at a major GOP fundraiser in South Florida over the weekend, where he made one thing clear, Republicans must go after Biden if they wrest control of Congress as is anticipated in the November midterms.

“We need to see some action to hold Biden and his minions accountable,” DeSantis said before a 1,500-person crowd packed into a banquet room at the Sunshine Summit, a fundraiser held by the Republican Party of Florida.

The governor and would-be 2024 contender, went on a tirade against Biden’s immigration policy. He described the administration’s approach as “open border,” referring to the record number of migrants that have arrived in the US during the last year.

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DeSantis, who previously served in the US House, also criticized his own party, saying they were too much talk and not enough action. 

“If they get majorities in the Congress, I’m sick of them talking,” he said during the “Victory Dinner” event as dessert was being served. “I’m sick of them telling us what they’re going to do. I’m sick of them going on cable and doing this, and prattling.”

“In Florida, we don’t just talk, we do,” he added.

Republicans are expected to win a majority in the House in November, which will give them control over which public hearings to hold. The Senate’s fate is somewhat less certain. 

DeSantis took the stage to a standing ovation in a ballroom at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Only a few media outlets were invited to cover the dinner in person.

Even though the banquet was a campaign event and the governor is up for re-election in Florida, he didn’t once mention his Democratic challengers. They include Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and Rep. Charlie Crist of Florida, who was governor of the state once before as a Republican. They’ll be facing each other in the August 23 primary to see who will challenge DeSantis in November for the State House.

DeSantis seems to be a shoo-in for re-election no matter who wins the Democratic Primary next month. This is largely because of his national name recognition and because Florida Republicans have out-registered Democrats in the state by 220,000 people.

Sounding much more like he was campaigning for Nov. 2024 than this November, DeSantis mainly cast himself as a foil to Biden, who has COVID-19. 

“We should all extend our best wishes to President Joe Biden for a speedy recovery from his bout with COVID,” he said. “And hopefully, the United States will have a speedy recovery from its bout with Joe Biden.”

Throughout the speech, the governor looked back on his time in office and pitted himself as a fighter against the media, “cancel culture,” and “the woke mob” — but mostly as a fighter against Biden.

“You have to have the courage to stand in the way of the Brandon Administration,” DeSantis said, using an anti-Biden nickname often invoked by TV personalities and voters on the right.

DeSantis otherwise touted his battle against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, his high-profile fight against Disney over a school curriculum his critics called “Don’t Say Gay,” and how he reopened schools sooner than most states.

As of now, there are some polls that show DeSantis could shut out Trump for the GOP nomination should the former president choose to run again in 2024. Conservative commentator Dave Rubin introduced DeSantis before he came on stage and said he had been “acting as president for the last year and a half.”

Many see DeSantis as a strong leader, who could foster Trump’s populist policies without Trump’s “baggage.”

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