Detroit Police Chief Torches Politicians for “Folding” to Protesters


Democratic lawmakers from coast to coast are bending over backwards to make concessions to racial justice protesters this year, and police officials have just about had their fill of the shocking betrayal.

From Republicans in Congress, to President Trump, to average Americans all across the country, people have been outraged at scenes of violence and rioting in major cities. And more ludicrously, we’ve all watched as Democrats like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, House Rep. Jerry Nadler, and the Minneapolis City Council have made excuses for these inexcusable riots. Terrified of “saying the wrong thing” and angering the lunatics at Black Lives Matter, these Democrats have shamed their offices and left their constituents to fend for themselves.

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that cowardice on the part of elected politicians was only making matters worse in the streets.

“This is nothing more than protest pressure,” Craig said. “Some who are in political leadership are folding to the pressure by the protesters, so it’s not by accident that you see the number of chiefs across the country who are leaving in large numbers. They don’t feel supported. The men and women who are on the ground doing this work don’t feel supported. And so it’s really about this pressure. That’s the bottom line.”

Craig isn’t just speaking as an outside observer. Thanks to the efforts of Rep. Rashida Tlaib and other Michigan Democrats, the Detroit Police Department has come under scrutiny for how it has responded to riots in the area. As a result, a judge last week barred the agency from using tear gas and batons when quelling riots and unrest.

Craig, however, told Fox News that the order amounted to nothing because it only restricted the police from using those non-lethal instruments against “peaceful protesters.” The chief said the department only brings out those tools when the protests turn violent, as they do often do.

Craig said anyone who believes that these protests are really about racial injustice is fooling themselves.

“Let’s face it, we saw what happened in Portland. You know, there was this big hue and cry over federal officers on the ground to protect their facility,” he said. “But then when they retreated—the federal officers—[activists] continued to riot, they continued to attack local police. So it’s never about what it appears. They hide behind these issues, whether it’s the unfortunate death of Mr. Floyd, but it is not about that.”

Nope. And it never has been.

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