Did Hillary Clinton Just Find a Sneaky Way Into the 2020 Race?

It’s been a while since Matt Drudge was considered a major influencer in the political sphere, but if his reporting is correct, he might have nabbed the scoop of the season on Saturday. That was when the top of his Drudge Report blasted the headline: EXCLUSIVE: BLOOMBERG CONSIDERS HILLARY RUNNING MATE.

“Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force…,” read a tweet from the site.

The bombshell news was picked up by every outlet on the internet, leading the Bloomberg campaign to issue a statement downplaying (but not outright denying) the report.

“We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” said a campaign spokesperson.

Adding a nugget of veracity to the report, Drudge noted that Bloomberg is in the midst of changing his official residency from New York to either Colorado or Florida, where he owns additional homes. Under the guidelines of the 12th Amendment, electors from any particular state may not cast votes for a president and a vice president who reside in the same state as themselves. One or the other must live elsewhere. Bloomberg’s decision to change residencies may be entirely unrelated, but it’s interesting.

Writing in the New York Post, Michael Goodwin seemed to take the prospect of a Bloomberg/Clinton ticket seriously.

“My guess is that this marriage of convenience gets consummated fairly quickly. Bloomberg needs immediate help to win the nomination, with March a make-or-break month,” he wrote. “Clinton, as the world knows, is desperate to get revenge on Donald Trump and will almost certainly seize another chance at the White House, even if it means being relegated to standby equipment. While Bernie Sanders and his committed clan will be loud exceptions, enough Democrats, I believe, will support a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket as the best chance to defeat Trump.”

Goodwin, however, has been pushing the “Hillary’s gonna run” narrative for quite some time, so we’re not sure how seriously to take his latest pronouncement. No doubt, Bloomberg is looking for ways to make a big splash, but we’re also partial to the theory that this was leaked to Drudge as a way for the billionaire to draw attention away from some of the more troubling articles out there right now. Far better to have the country talking about Hillary Clinton than about Bloomberg’s history of sexism, racism, and whatever else the media might dredge up.

Could it happen? Absolutely. Will it? Well, that might depend on how eager Hillary Clinton is to lose to Donald Trump twice in a row…

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