Did Media Decide 2012 Election?

Despite all the insistence on the left that the mainstream media is as unbiased as they claim to be, a new study published in the journal Big Data Society shows that there was a strong pro-Democrat bias in the coverage of the 2012 election. According to the study – which took an in-depth look at 130,213 news articles – found that Obama was presented as a leader when it came to economic issues. Meanwhile, challenger Mitt Romney was portrayed as a man on the defense, ignoring his repeated attacks on the way the current president was handling the nation’s financial recovery.

“Overall,” said the study’s authors, “media reporting contained more frequently positive statements about the Democrats than the Republicans. Overall, the Republicans were more frequently the object of negative statements. The Republican Party is the most divisive subject in the campaign, and is portrayed in a more negative fashion than the Democrats.”

This is the way democracy dies. You can’t have a media that only tells one side of the story if you’re to have an open and honest debate about what’s best for the country. The internet has provided those who want the truth the means by which to find it, but you have to be willing to look for it. Instead of presenting both sides of any individual issue in an unbiased fashion, the major media outlets are choosing which side of the issue to take while presenting the other side as delusional and desperate. You can see it clearly in the fight over immigration. Is there a major media outlet in the country that has dared to point out that Democrats were every bit as responsible for delaying the DHS spending bill as Republicans?

Liberals are disappointed in the continued failures of MSNBC, but America has no need for a media outlet that displays its biases so overtly. Why would the left need a TV station that wears its ideology on its sleeve when it’s so much more effective to slip it in subtly? You don’t need to come right out and say that Republicans are racist when you can simply interview liberals willing to say it for you. Then you can sit back, relax, and let people “decide for themselves.” It’s like a magic trick. MSNBC, DailyKos, and other liberal sites don’t bother hiding what’s up their sleeve. But NBC Nightly News, for instance, plays their cards close to the vest. You only see the bias if you know what you’re looking for. That’s the way the left likes it.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal was too significant to ignore altogether, but the news media has already moved on. They’ve written stories that are strategically closed out by liberal pundits insisting there’s nothing to worry about. That way, they can fall back on the claim that they did their job. They reported the story. If the impression left on the viewer/reader is that this is a non-story made up by Republicans, then that’s just what the facts showed. What can they do about it? Reality has a liberal bias, right?

It is perhaps the best thing that could ever happen to conservatism that mainstream news is dying. Newspapers are going out of business, TV ratings are sinking like a stone, and people are eager to seek out their own sources of information. Unfortunately, it isn’t just the news media. It’s everything on television. Everything that comes out of Hollywood. When you have a stranglehold on what people consume, you can present any vision of the world you want. And that vision has very little room for traditional American values.

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