Disney’s Action In Response To Florida Anti-Grooming Bill


The Walt Disney Company on Friday announced that it would suspend political donations in the state of Florida amid controversy over the state’s passage of a parental rights bill, one that critics have falsely claimed implements a “Don’t Say Gay” rule in education there.

Florida has been mired in controversy in recent weeks after it passed a bill that expanded educational transparency for parents in the state as well as forbid the instruction of LGBTQ ideology in grades kindergarten through third. 

Pursuant to this law, company CEO Bob Chapek wrote in a letter on Friday that the company was “pausing all political donations in the state of Florida” pending the development of “a new framework for [the company’s] political giving that will ensure our advocacy better reflects our values.”

Chapek had previously declined to come out strongly against the parental rights bill, something he apologized for in the letter. 

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“You needed me to be a stronger ally in the fight for equal rights and I let you down,” he claimed. “I am sorry.”

Original Article: https://justthenews.com/nation/disney-pauses-political-donations-florida-over-states-parental-rights-bill

  1. richard says

    Up Disney’s taxes or what ever! Kids in school don’t need that to be taught that. School is to learn reading, writing, math and history. It’s just like the time when persons wanted religion taught in school!

  2. Keith says

    Anyone that thinks Disney has family values is a fool. Disney has for years portrayed children in their shows as unsupervised by their parents and often parents are not even around, that is there is not even a parent cast on the show, but instead maybe a teacher or a counselor. As any parent in America knows public schools are almost worthless, and not only should not teach children morals or ethics but when they do inject themselves into a moral problem, their advice or comments are generally not even close to the values of the parents. So Disney has been teaching children that their parents are not needed and don’t need to be consulted on the school activities or teachings that the children are given in the class. Disney has become a social media platform no better than Facebook or Twitter, but they aim their shows specifically at very young children and hide their true intentions from parents. When Disney puts out this new “advocacy” document, I bet many parents will be dismayed and turn off Disney to their children. So go ahead Disney show us your true values so we can destroy you! And answer me this: Why do 5 year old children need to be told about gender in public schools by strangers? Teachers need to keep their scheming ideas out of young children’s minds, even if they are given with the best of intentions.

  3. RJ O'Guillory says

    …perhaps Governor DeSantis and his team need to begin looking into those Disney Theme Park Operations more closely. Make sure they are all “up to standard” and close down anything that could be potentially dangerous. Make sure everyone of those little food service operations are up to snuff. Insure everyone has NSF Sanitation Trained employees, make sure every operating permit and every safety test for each ride have been accomplished on a timely basis. Examine every ADA, Safety and legal aspect of their operations. Poke your nose into every area the state has an interest….including the safe operation of Disney Cruise ships. I would imagine shutting down Disney World and their ships every other day may get Disney’s attention.

  4. Dave says

    Disney used to be a corporation the American people were proud of. They have been going downhill for a number of years. Used to be family, “G” rated. Now porn or near porn movies to make money. I did not know that they had become so leftist thinking. Do they believe Americans will not visit and support them unless they jump on the far radical lefts loud bandwagon?

    The management of Disney no longer seems to be intelligent to even read and understand this new bill. If they did read it, then they believe that children third grade and younger should be educated in sex and alternative sex. I hate to break it to Disney’s well read and highly educated management that families are going to rebel against this. Parents and Grandparents will not give Disney their hard-earned dollars once they hear of this. To teach children of this age anything about sex is child abuse. People should go to jail for this.

    Disney may have signed its own death warrant. I hope they come to their senses before this happens as we need someplace for good clean fun. It doesn’t have t be Disney.

  5. Elisa Smalley says

    Disney, pedophilia, subversive messaging…fascism…Gov. DeSantis should not be ignoring the connection. This bizzaro CEO has his priorities so in the wrong order that one could safely imagine he has been compromised somehow…

  6. Patrick Damon says

    Don’t wast your time or money on fleeting pleasure. If you want your family to have meaningful life experiences, use the money that it costs to go to Disney Parks and boat rides and load up your family and go cross county and see the places that made this country the Nation on the planet. Our family spent seven years traveling the Nation and our boys had way more understanding of how blessed they are than any amount of classroom instruction ever gave them.
    A side note… The CEO best be looking over his shoulder because as soon as the stock holders see what he’s doing and the damage it will do to the Company, he’ll be history.
    Thank God for Governor DeSantas. It’s nice to know there are a few (though very few leaders in the Government) that have morals and Character that can be trusted. Keep up the fight. There are millions of us out here back you!

  7. TallyBill says

    There isn’t much this does since Disney has in the past and continues to hire and groom gays. The probably never have made political donations to Conservatives so my comment is ” SO WHAT “.

  8. Terry Leland says

    Old Walt is spinning so fast in his grave, look what inbred fools have done to his wonderful company’s world!

  9. Gus Heim says

    Disney has turned into a network of woke Politics. They are not for kids , they are for profit, not families, not for America. A woman or a man cannot change their DNA , born man- die man! but change makes money , that is why I have boycotted Disney and all products for the 40 years I have lived in Florida. I AM sure that lots of queers will disagree with me. YOU can be queer! Just keep it to yourself and dont cram it down my throat, because it is a free Country , for now

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