Disturbing Report: 80,000 DREAMers Have a Criminal Record

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether or not President Trump was acting in his rightful authority when he signed an executive order ending his predecessor’s DACA program, which gave temporary amnesty to nearly a million illegal immigrants who were brought to this country as minors.

But while DACA’s proponents, including President Obama, characterize these migrants as the best and brightest Central and South America had to offer, crime statistics may provide another view. According to a new data report from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), nearly 80,000 DREAMers have an arrest record.

From Fox News:

The data released Saturday by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shows only arrests or apprehensions for a criminal offense or an immigration-related civil offense and does not take into account whether there was a conviction, acquittal, dismissal or a lessening of charges.

The report finds that of the nearly 889,000 applicants for the DACA program, 110,000 had arrest records. Of the more than 765,000 approved for DACA, 79,398 had arrest records. Of that number, 67,861 were arrested before their most recent DACA approval, while 15,903 were arrested after their most recent approval.

The offenses incurred by DACA requestors who were arrested before their most recent approval include battery (3,421), assault (3,308), burglary, breaking and entering (1,471), rape (62), murder (15) and theft or larceny (7,926). The largest population arrested were suspected of driving-related offenses excluding DUIs (23,305) and immigration-related offenses (12,968.)

In a statement accompanying the release of the report, USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli said the data should provide the public with a more accurate picture of what Obama’s program is really doing.

“As DACA continues to be the subject of both public discourse and ongoing litigation, USCIS remains committed to ensuring transparency and that the American people are informed about those receiving DACA,” Cuccinelli said. “This agency is obligated to continue accepting DACA requests from illegal aliens as a direct result of the previous administration’s decision to circumvent the laws as passed by Congress. We hope this data provides a better sense of the reality of those granted the privilege of a temporary deferral of removal action and work authorization under DACA.”

Now, does this data prove that illegal immigrants are some kind of crime-infested bunch? Does it mean that DREAMers are a uniquely criminal threat to the country? No to both. But is there a difference between an American citizen with an arrest record and an illegal immigrant with the same? We’d say so. Especially when said immigrant is being given the privilege of amnesty through a benevolent federal program.

In any event, these stats provide an important counterpoint to the mythical “they’re all future doctors and industry leaders” narrative pushed by the left. Some are, we’re sure.

Some, as we see here, certainly are not.

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