DOJ Admits: Carter Page FISA Warrants Had No “Probable Cause”

According to a newly declassified document released by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Department of Justice has concluded that at least two of the FBI’s applications to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page lacked probable cause and should not have led to an issued warrant. The admission turns much of the rhetoric of 2017 on its head. At a time when Democrats and the media were mercilessly mocking Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) for blasting the FBI and their unconstitutional practices, the FBI was actually violating an American citizen’s right to privacy.

If it weren’t for the fact that the media is so desperate to portray Republicans and President Trump as evil, corrupt traitors to the nation, this might actually qualify as a major scandal. Our nation’s most powerful law enforcement agencies initiating illegal investigations into political opponents of the sitting president? Yeah, we’d say that’s pretty bad. If only the sitting president hadn’t been Barack Obama.

Of course, the really sad part is that the two warrants issued against Page that the DOJ deemed invalid actually occurred while Trump was in the White House in April and June of 2017. But please, spare us the arguments that the deep state was working against the new president. That’s just silly conspiracy theory nonsense. You know, even when the evidence is staring your right in the eyes.

In a statement to Fox News, Page said that he hoped to view this admission as a step forward for our broken law enforcement apparatus.

“Today’s unprecedented court filing represents another step on the road to recovery for America’s deeply damaged judicial system,” Page said. “I hope that this latest admission of guilt for these civil rights abuses by the Justice Department marks continued progress towards restoring justice and remedying these reputationally ruinous injuries.”

The Department of Justice’s candor also drew a strong reaction from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

“It’s about time,” the former Senate Judiciary chairman said. “It’s about time federal authorities entrusted with our most powerful and intrusive surveillance tools begin to own up to their failures and abuses, and take steps to restore public confidence. Time will tell if the department will continue working to fix its errors and restore trust that it won’t disregard Americans’ civil liberties. Its admission and cooperation with the FISC is a step in the right direction.”

It continues to boggle the mind that the left – the ones who used to stand up against abuse of federal power and the surveillance state – has been utterly silent about these revelations. Their hatred of Donald Trump has blinded them to everything else, including the constitutional freedoms they used to defend as deeply-held principles. It certainly gives you a hint as to how they’ll use the power of the Justice Department if they regain control of the Executive Branch.

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