Don Jr. Blasts Liberal Media: “They Have No Interest in the Truth”

In an interview with Breitbart News this weekend, Donald Trump Jr. ripped into the mainstream media for using the daily coronavirus press briefings as just one more chance to “get” his father, twist the pandemic narrative against him, take answers out of context, and generally trash President Trump at the expense of their own reputation for journalism. The president’s son said that no matter how hard his father works at providing the media and the American people with transparency in a crisis, the press would go to the ends of the earth to attack him.

“That’s the reality,” he said. “That’s the world we live in today. The media is going to take whatever generosity he bestows upon them, being out there sometimes for two hours—any question they could possibly have, however ridiculous and however skewed. Then they take a partial part of the response and then turn it into something else.”

Trump Jr. noted that his father considered canceling the daily press briefing over the weekend after the media took his “disinfectant” answer and ran with a ridiculous narrative about the president being unfit to lead.

“You can’t win,” he lamented. “I think he should do the briefings, but if he does questions 10 or 15 minutes—don’t give them time to get into the obscure stuff where they’re going to try to find something weird they can manipulate or ask a sort of leading or let’s call it a ‘do you beat your wife?’ question where there’s no good answer. Like, what do you mean? They do that so often, so I think you got to cut it pretty short, let them ask the relevant questions, and don’t give them the extra time to get into the obscurities, and that’s got to be the way they handle it. You’re never going to get a fair shot.”

Don Jr. said the media’s bias was more than evident in how they treated the Tara Reade story.

“I mean, CNN hasn’t even touched this thing, and the corroborating evidence was on their network,” he said. “It was probably one of the biggest stories Larry King didn’t know he had at the time. I don’t imagine they’ll do anything with it. I literally think they will just put their heads in the sand and make sure that no one possibly hears about these things because that’s the feeling and sentiment I get from today’s media.

“They have no interest in the truth,” he continued. “They have interest in their narrative. That narrative is aligned basically 100 percent with the DNC talking points, and they don’t ‘believe all women.’ They only believe women if they’re accusing conservatives. It’s the greatest form of hypocrisy. You saw that from Alyssa Milano as well: ‘Well, Joe Biden, this is a little different.’ We should re-up the question now that there’s more corroborating evidence. What really is going on? That double standard really seems to reek of hypocrisy.”

It does, but the media has been reporting from a throne of hypocrisy for so long at this point that you can hardly even be surprised. Don Jr. is absolutely right on target. If the story allows them to paint Trump in a terrible light, they’ll run with it. If it might make a Democrat look bad? No, they have no interest in that. None at all. Their game is obvious. How anyone at all is still blind to their bias is a commentary on the intelligence of the American Democrat.

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