Donald Disaster: Are We Being Played?


Republican presidential candidates are demanding that Donald Trump apologize for downplaying John McCain’s record as a war hero, but maybe it’s time that someone ask McCain when he is going to apologize. The RINO started this when he referred to Trump’s supporters as “crazies,” the latest in a long history of his vitriolic comments about conservatives. Even if we accept that Trump crossed the line when he questioned McCain’s heroism, where does the latter get off slandering millions of Americans?

“I thought it was a term of endearment,” McCain said jokingly on MSNBC Monday. “I meant it as a term of affection, I’ll be honest with you.”

Naturally, McCain is not even being pressured to apologize for his offensive comments. Meanwhile, you would think Trump had disparaged the entirety of the U.S. Armed Forces with his comments this weekend. They were dumb, to be sure, but were they really worth all of this consternation? Or is it possible that the sharks in the media smelled blood that they simply couldn’t resist?

Divide and Conquer

The liberal establishment, so certain that they had a first class ticket to the White House in 2016, was stunned and scared at the splash made by Donald Trump. From the moment of his announcement, the media has made his destruction Priority One. To their dismay, he has grown more popular by the day, even rising to the top of the polls in some surveys. Far from the typical politician, Trump has used his brash, politically-incorrect narrative on illegal immigration to inspire millions of cynical conservatives. Not crazies. Not morons. Real Americans who feel that they’ve been let down and left behind by the Republican Party. Left behind by politicians like McCain.

When Trump made his ill-advised remarks about McCain, the liberals saw their chance. Conservatives wouldn’t turn on Trump for his comments on immigration, but they might feel otherwise about his implied slam on a decorated war hero. Most conservatives take a dim view of anyone who would disparage a service member, especially when they didn’t have the courage to serve themselves. Easy pickings.


It remains to be seen whether Trump’s campaign will come to a swift end due to the controversy. If you were a supporter who was disgusted by his comments, though, it may be worth taking a second look. Remember: you can’t judge Trump by the usual political standards. He isn’t a politician. His entire appeal has been based around avoiding the usual pat phrases. He is ceaselessly arrogant, brutally forthright, and – at times – childishly petulant. You have to read between the lines to find offense in the speeches of most politicians, simply because they are so careful about every word that comes out of their mouths. With Trump, it’s all out there on the table. Kinda refreshing, huh?

To be sure, there is no defense for Trump’s insinuations. If you have even an average amount of American pride, you need not be ashamed of your disgust. At the same time, don’t let the media tell you what you should think. Don’t let the incessant replay reel convince you that Trump is “unfit” for the presidency. There is a game going on here that has less to do with the troops and more to do with Hillary Clinton.

It’s been a long time since conservatives had a Republican worth getting excited about on the national level. Funny, then, how quickly his ship ran into an iceberg. Before we all abandon that ship for a dozen different life rafts, maybe we ought to think about the suspect timing. Is Trump really so ignorant as to believe POWs deserve no respect, or was this just a playground insult that emerged in the heat of the moment? Maybe we should be willing to accept the fact that if you support a no-holds-barred kind of politician, he’s eventually going to say something that rubs you the wrong way.

Nothing Trump says is going to change the truth of McCain’s heroism. Should he apologize? Yes. Should he be driven out of the primaries? Only if you’re willing to let one offensive comment clear the path for Jeb Bush. We have a chance to really shake things up here. If this is the end of the road for Trump, let us at least be honest about the stakes.

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