Donald Trump – An Unlikely Christian Warrior


During the primaries, the media was astonished not only by Donald Trump’s dominance over the enormous Republican field, but also by his success in a few key conservative demographics. Even though he was up against stalwart evangelicals like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee, Trump often won the conservative Christian vote – sometimes by decisive margins.

Trump’s attempts to present himself as a man of faith have been less than convincing. One of the most humorous moments of the campaign came when he suggested that the IRS might have targeted him specifically because he was a “very strong Christian.” Even the most die-hard Trump supporters had to chuckle.

But once again, we have another example of the paradox that is Donald Trump. A billionaire has become the country’s working-class champion. A former Democrat has become the country’s leading conservative voice. And a man who appears to have only a passing familiarity with Christian fundamentals has become the candidate of hope for legions of frustrated, angry evangelicals.

A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute might help explain what’s going on here. According to the survey, nearly half of all Americans believe that Christians are discriminated against just as much as minorities like blacks and Hispanics. Among Republicans, three-quarters of respondents felt that way. When you narrow it down to white evangelicals, nearly 80% believe that Christianity is under attack.

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And, indeed, how could they feel otherwise? Last year, the very concept of “religious freedom” – one of the foundations upon which America was founded – suddenly became a topic of legal controversy. Following a Supreme Court decision last summer to strike down gay marriage bans nationwide, the penalization of Christian bakeries who refused to cater same-sex weddings, and the brief imprisonment of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, you would have to be blind not to see that liberal America is at war with Christianity.

To go to war, you need a general. You don’t choose that general based on how genuinely he appears to believe in your cause; you choose based on how much fight he has in his heart. How clearly does he see the enemy? How dirty is he willing to get?

In Trump, conservative Christians have finally found someone who recognizes the stakes. Our savior himself often made use of the imperfect vessel to spread his eternal message, and with Donald Trump, He may be doing so yet again. After all, it’s not Satanism or even atheism the Democrats are using to chip away at America’s faithful allegiance to God – it’s political correctness.

And no Republican has fought that insidious ideology more passionately than Trump.

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