Donald Trump Is The Kind Of “Psychopath” We Need More Of

Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, David Plouffe, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday to enlighten the country on the state of Donald Trump’s mental health. Responding to a question from Chuck Todd about his incorrect predictions about how the race would unfold in Colorado and Virginia, Plouffe said he could not have foreseen Trump’s erratic general election strategy.

“I think the assessment was that Donald Trump would do some things to appeal to the middle of the electorate, to appeal to suburban college-educated women,” Plouffe said. “He’s not. We basically have a psychopath running for president. I mean, he meets the clinical definition.”

That definition, apparently, being “he didn’t follow the campaign strategy I thought he would”?

Even Todd, whose liberal biases are not strenuously concealed, expressed reservations about Plouffe’s claim.

“Wait a minute,” he said. “Do you really think diagnosing people on air – and I assume you don’t have a degree in psychology – is that fair? We’re jumping to conclusions here. I think this is what gets voters frustrated with this kind of thing.”

Even with an out, though, Plouffe couldn’t just admit that he was spouting gibberish.

“The grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse,” he said. “I think he does, right?”

Chuck Todd could have won the Fix This Nation Award for Mainstream Media Awesomeness if he’d replied, “Wait, are we still talking about Trump, or have we moved on to Hillary Clinton?”

But for these liberals, mental illness is defined by how much of their worldview you deny. A little bit of it? You’re a conservative. A little bit more? You’re a right-wing idiot. Most of it? You need professional therapy and psychiatric medication.

In their world, it is sane for a man to believe he is actually a woman and for others to recognize this belief as valid.

In their world, it is sane to believe that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with the religion of Islam.

In their world, it is sane to keep calling a police shooting “murder” even after all the evidence shows that it was justified.

In their world, it is sane for the FBI to exonerate Hillary Clinton while simultaneously explaining how she broke the law.

Forget about making America great again.

Let’s make America crazy again.

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