Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Instagram for Removing Veteran’s Picture


Donald Trump Jr. was fit to be tied on Tuesday when he realized that Instagram had deleted a photograph of him smiling beside U.S. Army Sgt. Omar “Crispy” Avila at an NRA convention from this past weekend. The original photo had been posted on Avila’s Instagram page, but the wounded warrior was forced to repost the picture on Monday after the site removed it for unclear reasons.

“I honestly don’t know why this picture was taken down by Instagram,” Avila wrote underneath the reposted image. “Not sure what guidelines it violates. But here we go again…Thank you @donaldjtrumpjr for always taking the time out your busy schedule to say hello to chat.”

Avila was remarkably serene about the situation, but it sparked rage from the president’s son. Posting the image on his own Instagram account, Don Jr. went on a tirade against the “social media gods” for censoring content that didn’t fit their liberal agenda.

“INSTAGRAM IS AT IT AGAIN WITH THEIR BIAS DELETING POSTS,” he wrote. “This time they deleted my friend @crispy11b’s post that was simply a post of him and I catching up at the NRA show. There was nothing harsh or political in there and as usual it magically somehow ‘violated @Instagram standards’, presumably because I’m in it and that’s too much for the social media gods in California.”

Don Jr. went on the heap praise upon his friend, whose life and experiences should be an example for others to follow.

“Omar aka Crispy is a vet severely wounded in conflict who has undergone I believe over 100 surgeries to fix the damage done,” Trump Jr. wrote. “He’s been a vocal supporter of other wounded vets and an inspiration to so many because despite everything he manages to live his life to the fullest. His adventures often documented right here are amazing and I’ve never once seen anything but an incredible attitude towards life despite the obvious difficulties. This man is amazing and he should not be censored, in fact we would be better off as a nation with many more with his attitude, demeanor, and patriotism. I suggest you give him a follow.”

The president’s son, one of the leading critics of social media censorship, ended the post with one last parting shot.

“The bullshit has to stop,” he wrote. “If Instagram can censor a hero like this who the hell won’t they suppress???”

Hmm, transgender queer feminists of color? Supporters of the boycott against Israel? Useless “influencers” who are teaching our youth that there’s no higher calling than to be famous for being famous?

But a war hero who fought bravely for this nation? Alongside the despicable son of the deplorable President? At an NRA convention? Lawd, we’re surprised they left it up as long as they did.

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