“Doom and Gloom” for Democrats

The “Doom and Gloom” prognostication in the headline is not my work.  It was the subscript on the telly at the opening of MSNBC’s “Velshi” program.  You first need to know that Ali Velshi one the most radical leftwing mendacious hyperbolic personalities on a network that is rife with such characters.  A propagandist par excellence.

The reason for his gloom was the latest NBC opinion poll.  It put President Biden underwater in public approval – with 44 percent approving of his performance and 54 percent disapproving.

What might come as another head-scratching shock to the progressive Democrats is that when compared to former President Trump, Biden fares no better than the former President.  Biden gets a 39 percent positive – two points higher than Trump’s 37 percent.

That is amazing when you consider the public drubbing that Democrats and their media cronies have been delivering against Trump on a 24/7 basis.  They have not only been casting him as a serial criminal but as a treasonous coup-plotter who is a threat to the Republic.  And the folks at home still have him in a tie with Biden.

Democrats must be apoplectic to see that all those extreme accusations and fearmonger tactics have left Biden in a statistical tie with the former President.  You can almost hear the heads of on the left exploding in dismay and disbelief.

The NBC Poll also showed that 72 percent of Americans believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction.  That despite the Democrats constant good news messages – delineating all the good things Biden & Co. have done for America.  And 70 percent expect things to get worse – and only 27 percent believe that Biden can “bring the nation together.”

If there was a silver-lining in the Poll, it was that 47 percent prefer Democrats to lead Congress and 46 percent want Republicans to take control.  Another statistical tie.  Other polls, however, shoe the GOP with a significant lead on that question.

Opinion is one thing, but enthusiasm is another.  Who is more likely to vote.  In that category Republicans have a substantial lead – 61 percent to 47 percent.

So, what is driving public opinion.  In rating the topics, jobs and the economy come in first with 42 percent – followed by the Pandemic at 29 percent.  In both categories, polls show Biden underwater.  And even as Biden tells us that inflation is not all that bad – and that the stimulus money is compensating – 61 percent of families say that that their income is falling behind the rise in inflation.  And only 7 percent say their income is moving up faster than inflation.

Concern over voting – one of the Democrats primary themes – comes in third at 25 percent.  Other than a small minority, no one seem over concerned about the Democrat concocted coup strategy.  The public apparently is not buying it.

So far, all the Democrat hyperbole is not working – and they do not seem to have anything else in their political toolbox.  And Pelosi’s kangaroo Select Committee means that they cannot shift to other topics for months to come. If they wonder why their “good news” message is not resonating, it is – in some measure – because they have taken up so much media oxygen with their ineffective anti-Trump/anti-Republican campaign.  In this one, Democrats seem to be punching the political Tar Baby – and they cannot shake loose.  They are stuck with it for months to come.

Yes, Velshi has every reason to feel the “doom and gloom.”   It is so bad that he could not spin it to the positive.  Unless they find a way to change the trajectory, it is shaping up like a great year for the GOP.  And despite the left’s hysterical hyperbole, the looming Republican victory will NOT bring down the Republic.

So, there ‘tis.

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