Dr. Oz’s Attack on Opponent: Cunning or Caustic?

The campaign for Pennsylvania GOP Senate nominee and television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz claimed his Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, would not have suffered a stroke if he had “ever eaten a vegetable in his life.”

The remarks come shortly after a video by Oz went viral in which he mispronounced the name of a regional grocery chain while discussing rising consumer costs and the price of “crudité.”

Fetterman suffered a stroke just days before the May primary and has made a gradual return to the campaign trail in a race in which he leads Oz by a wide margin, according to recent polls.

In remarks to Insider amid its reporting on Oz, Rachel Tripp, his senior communications adviser, said, “If John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life, then maybe he wouldn’t have had a major stroke and wouldn’t be in the position of having to lie about it constantly.”

In a press release, the Fetterman campaign called the comment “unhinged and irresponsible” and touted a letter signed by more than 100 Pennsylvania doctors that said Oz practices poor medicine “by promoting unproven, ill-advised, and at times potentially dangerous treatments.”

In a resurfaced, widely panned video that recently went viral, Oz stood in the produce section of what he called a “Wegners,” an apparent combination of regional grocery chains Redner’s and Wegmans, in an attempt to illustrate rising consumer costs and the price of crudité. Fetterman’s social media response was ruthless, writing, “In PA, we call this a veggie tray.” The campaign said it raised $500,000 in the immediate aftermath of the video. Oz later blamed his mispronunciation on exhaustion.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report recently switched its Pennsylvania Senate race rating from “toss-up” to “lean Democrat.”

Oz narrowly won the Republican primary after securing an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

Oz campaign says Fetterman would have avoided stroke had he ‘ever eaten a vegetable in his life’ | Washington Examiner

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