D’Souza: Tucker is Suppressing “2000 Mules”


Fox News Channel is not allowing guests to mention the film “2000 Mules,” which alleges criminal voter fraud and ballot stuffing in the 2020 election, Dinesh D’Souza said Monday.

When a user on Twitter asked if Fox host Tucker Carlson was going to mention the film, D’Souza replied.

“I’m sorry to say Tucker Carlson and his team specifically instructed Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote NOT to mention the movie,” he said, tagging Justin Wells, the senior executive producer of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Original Article: https://www.toddstarnes.com/media/fox-bans-hosts-from-covering-dsouzas-2000-mules/

  1. Bill says

    Tucker, is this accusation true? Doesn’t sound like something you would do.

  2. Milton Robson says

    we will see if Newsmax is discussing 2000 mules. everyone needs to watch it . where can I rent or buy 2000 mules

    1. Anonymous says

      it s on Newsmax. I stopped watching Fox

  3. Leslie says

    Yes everyone needs to watch it and we need to prevent it from happening again! Every ballot box needs some kind of monitor, servalence cameras or people with cell phones, drop slots big enough for only one ballot to be dropped at a time in a very public area, removed after hours so nothing can be messed with.
    What happened last time has almost destroyed America and the people.

    1. Anonymous says

      Has destroyed America

  4. Philip A. Byler says

    I stopped watching FOX. It won’t touch the 2020 vote fraud; and one reason why is that Paul Ryan is on the FOX Board. Establishment Republicans were complicit in the 2020 vote fraud and are desperate to suppress talk of the 2020 vote fraud. Meanwhile, it is increasingly ridiculous to believe that Biden, after spending the campaign mostly in his basement, got 81 million legal votes, 16 million more than Obama and Hillary, at a time Trump got 75 million, which was a record by far for a Republican running for President, 13 million more than Romney and GW Bush.

    1. Anonymous says

      2000 mules and the Dominion Machines are what stole the election

    2. Gerry says

      Philip — I don’t believe the repubs were complicit in the 2020 farce — I believe they were active participants in making sure Trump was not reelected because Trump’s policies in dealing with foreign countries and energy independence was taking bribes,kickbacks and payoffs away from them.

  5. James Mercogliano says

    It was a rigged election and nothing will be done about it the same way nothing was done when LBJ had JFK Assassinated.

  6. Gerry says

    I stopped watching fox when the leftist sons took over, they became unbearable for me to listen to. They started skirting every important issue just like every liberal does.

  7. aaa says

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