Election Official in Georgia Resigns in Shame

As election audits continue across the nation with more individuals asking questions and seeking answers for the truth of the matter of the 2020 election, more evidence has recently been revealed to back up claims that there were problems on the day. Supporters of the audits have called for an increase of forensic election audits in more than just Fulton County, with some officials seeking audits of every county in the state that has worries about what had happened. With the news of today, it is uncertain what will move forward and what will be blocked from happening, but despite the demonization of all who ask questions by the media and some in the government, questions from everyday ordinary citizens and public officials continue to remain. You can read more about the updates available on the election in Georgia and other states in previous articles written.

This weekend, according to a report from 11alive.com, an election official who was present at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia on election night has decided to resign from his job. Ralph Jones, the election registration chief in Fulton County, has left his office. This announcement comes after Jones served for 12 years of working with elections. After all this work, the question remains, why quit now?

A statement from a Fulton County spokesperson read, “We are grateful for his friendship and many contributions to the Department of Registration and Elections and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Last month in July, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger called for Ralph Jones to be fired from his job, as well as calling for the firing of Fulton County’s election director Rick Barron. The Fulton County Election Board in Georgia had voted to remove Barron from his position back in February, but Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners chose not to support the vote, resulting in Barron keeping his position.

At the time, Brad Raffensperger had shared a tweet that stated, “Fulton County’s continued failures have gone on long enough with no accountability. Rick Barron and Ralph Jones, Fulton’s registration chief, must be fired and removed from Fulton’s elections leadership immediately. Fulton’s voters and the people of Georgia deserve better.”

Now it looks like the calls for Ralph Jones to be fired have been met with his own decision to step down from his position over the elections. After 12 years of service, again, what caused him to make the final decision to quit himself? As Georgia continues to take action looking into its own election in the state, can the people expect more information to come out into the public as to what happened during the 2020 election process and how Ralph Jones was involved? For better or worse, let us hope that more of the truth of the matter continues to come out, regardless where it may take us.

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