Elizabeth Warren Would Have Been Wise to Ignore College Scandal

The biggest news story of the week was the multi-faceted federal charges brought against more than 40 individuals who were caught gaming the college admissions system in one of the most extraordinary cheating scandals in academic history.

Bringing the scandal an outsized amount of attention were two Hollywood actresses caught up in the charges: Lori Loughlin of “Full House” fame and Felicity Huffman, who made a name for herself on the ABC series “Desperate Housewives.” Both women are charged with felonies revolving around money they paid to cheat the system and get their daughters into better schools than they might otherwise have been headed for.

Because this is the sort of elitist story that breaks through political divides, pundits and politicians on both sides of the spectrum have slammed Loughlin, Huffman, modern academia, and any rich blowhard who thinks they can buy their way through what is supposed to be a meritocracy. It has been the right story at the right time, speaking volumes to the populist movements on both sides who feel they’ve been getting a raw deal for decades.

Now we’ll be honest, we weren’t surprised when Miss Populist herself, Elizabeth Warren, decided to weigh in on the scandal. But damn, woman, what were you thinking?

In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Warren said she has “zero” sympathy with anyone who cheated to get into a college where they would have otherwise been rejected. This was just too ironic for a woman who relied on her fake minority status for years and years to get privileges that wouldn’t have been afforded to her as a plain old white woman. Warren told Harvard Law School (among many other institutions) that she was of American Indian descent, a claim that has later proven to be…um, less than true.

We suppose Warren is in a sticky situation when it comes to this story. She can’t very well say, “Oh well, people cheat, get over it.” She’s the woman of the people! The savior against corrupt capitalism! No, no, she HAS to express outrage over this story. Unfortunately, because of her decades-long history of claiming a heritage that doesn’t actually belong to her, the outrage rings not just hollow, but ridiculous.

This would have been a good week for Warren to stay home, crack open a cold Mich Ultra, and take a puff or two off the ol’ peace pipe until this story blows over.

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