Elon Musk Says Russia Or China Would Have A Hard Time Knocking Out His Starlink Satellites 

A defiant Elon Musk says that if Russia or China has any designs on trying to knock out his Starlink satellites since he has used them to help Ukraine, they would have a hard time doing so!

When asked if there is a potential threat if his Starlink satellites were targeted by Russia and China, the Space X entrepreneur replied, “It was interesting to view the Russia anti-satellite demonstration a few months ago in the context of this conflict.”

The Tesla CEO then added, “It caused a lot of strife for satellite operators. It even had some danger for the space station, where there are Russian cosmonauts.”  

Musk’s Starlink satellites are not only helping Ukrainians maintain access to the internet, but the system is also helping an elite Ukrainian drone unit destroy Russian weaponry. The system ensures drone teams can work even if there are internet or power outages. This makes Starlink an attractive target to Russian or Chinese anti-satellite “space weapons.”

But, According to Musk, it would be challenging to “take out” his satellites. “If you attempt to take out Starlink, this is not easy because there are 2,000 satellites,” he said.

He added, “That means a lot of anti-satellite missiles. I hope we do not have to put this to a test, but I think we can launch satellites faster than they can launch anti-satellite missiles.”

In the interview with Business Insider, Musk said it was imperative that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was stopped. “I think the American government has done more than people may realize. But it is just not been very public,” he said.

He continued, “But it is important to do something serious,” adding, “we cannot let Putin take over Ukraine. This is crazy.”

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