Embarrassed Claire McCaskill Wants Investigation into Project Veritas for Exposing Truth

Last week, in the third undercover video release of the 2018 election, Project Veritas exposed Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri for hiding her true agenda from the voters.

In a series of conversations caught on tape, an investigator for the conservative watchdog found that McCaskill is going to great lengths to pretend that she’s a moderate on gun control, that she’s unaffiliated with groups like Moms Demand Action, and that she has no interest in impeaching President Donald Trump. The videos did nothing more or less than give voters a clear glimpse into the agenda of their incumbent senator…which is perhaps why McCaskill is so determined to strike back. There’s nothing a liberal politician wants less than for voters to know their actual intentions.

This week, McCaskill delivered an affidavit to the Missouri attorney general accusing Project Veritas of breaking state law that prohibits a nonprofit from using fraud or deception to solicit charitable donations. The idea is that Project Veritas relies on such donations to keep the wheels turning on the bus, and that videos such as the ones produced here are invaluable to that solicitation. It’s a stretch, of course, but we have to imagine that this is a stunt to distract from what was actually said on the videos.

Of course, McCaskill will have an uphill climb to actually get the attorney general to take action, seeing as how Attorney General Josh Hawley is her opponent in the midterm elections.

Hawley has publicly scoffed at McCaskill’s call for an investigation and is, indeed, promoting the videos to his followers on social media. The idea that he’s going to turn around and refer this case to a special prosecutor just because McCaskill has been publicly humiliated for her deception? Unlikely as hell. Especially because the premise of McCaskill’s charges – that the investigator used deception to get inside the campaign and thus misled people into donating to PV – is absurd on its face.

“It looks like a sitting United States Senator is trying to criminalize investigative journalism,” said Project Veritas spokesman Marco Bruno. “All of our investigations are done legally. Not only do we operate according to letter of the law but also by the spirit and intent of the law.”

Project Veritas and other undercover operations trying to get the truth to the American people should be celebrated, not denigrated. In a realm where politicians are constantly lying to get elected, it is more important than ever that voters get a glimpse behind the curtain. And the harder people like McCaskill fight back against this effort, the more it proves they have something to hide.

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