EPA Lectures America on Holiday Food Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to do so, they’re offering the gift of guilt. With a new campaign called “Fight Food Waste,” the EPA wants you to know that your holiday leftovers are turning the planet into an apocalyptic hotbox.

“Before sitting down with friends and family this holiday season, consider the impact your meal can have on our planet,” the EPA says in a new video. A narrator leads us through our sins as we watch a family enjoying a holiday dinner. “A typical American family of four throws out $1,600 of wasted food each year. It ends up in landfills where it rots and releases methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change.”

At this point, the video switches to a shot of a sewage drain, making the subtle metaphor that our planet is soon to follow.

“So this holiday season, buy only what you need,” the video says. “Donate your extra food to food banks and shelters and compost the trimmings.”

For those keeping score, these ecological admonitions come only months after the EPA warned us that jack-o’lanterns were similarly responsible for the planet’s demise. If the Obama administration is so concerned about food waste, perhaps they should start at public school garbage cans, where students vote daily on the merits of Michelle’s lunch legislation.

Informational campaigns like this are superficially annoying under the best of circumstances, but they take on a decidedly sinister pallor when viewed through the Obama lens. Is there any doubt that the EPA’s gentle recommendations on food waste will become inflexible regulations given enough Democratic political dominance? Liberals have no faith in the American people to handle the responsibility to living; they see every small regulatory step as a victory for the country. In climate change, they’ve found the perfect justification to do…just about anything. You don’t want the world to go up in flames, do you?

The issue of food waste, in particular, gives them a complementary opportunity to make Americans feel ashamed of the country’s abundance. Like many of the left’s personal climate change recommendations, you get the unmistakable sense that they’re looking down on you. You uncultured swine, quit dumping all of that expired food in the trash. A little bacteria’s not going to kill you. And if it does, so much the better. We’ve been searching for ways to expand the USDA’s authority!

When it works – when Americans have been successfully shamed into hating their wealth – it makes it much easier for Obama to give hundreds of billions of dollars away without consulting Congress. Gosh, if we’re wasting so much food, the least we can do is fund China’s move from fossil fuels.

And the relentless wheel of liberalism rotates once more.

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