European Police Admit There’s Little They Can Do to Stop Terrorist Attacks


As horrifying as it was to see yet another Islamic terror attack unfold in France this week, the bloodshed at the Christmas markets of Strasbourg were perhaps a bit less unsettling than this admission from former London Police Inspector Peter Kirkham, who essentially told RT that there was little authorities in Europe could do to prevent these attacks from happening.

“There are so many people that are involved around the edges of this sort of terrorism – if this is what it turns out to be – that you can’t keep any sort of meaningful surveillance on them,” Kirkham said. “Even just monitoring the use of communications and social media would be too much.”

In other words, European authorities, having visited this terror on their own citizens through their lax immigration laws and politically-correct refusal to treat radical Islam as the scourge that it is…are basically throwing their hands up in the air and saying, “Yeah, this is the deal. This is what we can expect from here on out.”

Talk about a reason to throw on a yellow vest and riot.

The gunman in the Strasbourg attack has been identified by authorities as Cherif Chekatt, 29, though the terrorist had not been captured as of Wednesday morning. Records show that Chekatt has been in trouble with the law before – on many, many occasions. Not only is he on the “Fische S” – a Euro list of suspected terrorists – his rap sheet is thick with convictions of armed robbery and other crimes. As a matter of fact, reports have it that French police were on the verge of arresting him on the morning of the massacre, only for him to slip away. Whether or not that was a precipitating event that led to the attack remains to be answered.

Republicans party leader Laurent Wauquiez challenged the French government to get a handle on the growing and continuing problem of terrorism.

“How many attacks committed by [radicalized individuals] must we undergo before adapting our fight against terrorism,” Wauquiez asked. “What are we waiting for, to finally fight to eradicate the fundamentalism that has declared war?”

It’s a question, we’re quite sure, on the minds of many a French citizen today as the country comes to grips with yet another Islam-inspired disaster within their borders.

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