Even a Third of Democrat Voters Want Mueller to Wrap It Up

As far as Democrats on Capitol Hill are concerned, Special Counsel Robert Mueller can keep President Trump under investigation for the rest of his term in office, be it two years or six. They see this inquiry as the fountain that keeps on pouring, allowing them to go on television and bash the White House without actually having to talk too much about a touchy subject, i.e., their ideas and their agenda. Things get sticky when Democrats veer towards those issues, so they’re more than happy to spend the next however-long talking exclusively about the evil traitor occupying the West Wing. And as long as Mueller in sniffing out witches, they’re free to do so.

Unfortunately, it may not represent the political windfall they’re hoping it does. According to a new Zogby Analytics survey, more than half the country is begging Mueller to finish his investigation so the country can move on. 52% of voters want Mueller to wrap it up, show the nation what he’s got, and file his silly report. What’s remarkable is that 32% of DEMOCRAT voters say the same thing! In the Washington Examiner, Paul Bedard reported the survey, which goes against everything Capitol Hill Democrats have been squawking about for the last year and a half.

“Voters might have Russia fatigue,” Zogby said via Bedard’s column. “A majority thinks it’s time to wrap up Mueller’s Russia probe, and so do a third of Democrats. There might be fear that the Russia probe will undermine Democratic chances in November to take back control of Congress.”

The fact is that no matter where voters fall on the Trump/Russia collusion theory, there’s only so much one can hear about this nonsense before it’s like: Show us the money. Or not, as the case may be. Just as the American people grew weary of hearing “Benghazi” for two years, they have grown sick of hearing about Russia. And it happened even more quickly because, well, for one thing, the Russians didn’t KILL ANYONE when they hacked the DNC’s servers. They released some embarrassing internal emails. That’s seriously the extent of what we’re really talking about here. This is what has captured Washington’s attention for the last year and a half. Some emails that showed the DNC preferred Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders.

The really interesting part of this story is not what Trump did or didn’t do to profit from those leaks, it’s what the FBI did in their attempt to set him up for a fall. The investigation ITSELF has become the meat of this story, and it is a meat that is quite unpalatable to the mainstream media. Anyone who questions the many abuses of the Obama administration is immediately guilty of obstruction of justice.

Thankfully, we have a president who isn’t even slightly concerned about all of that.

“This is an illegally brought Rigged Witch Hunt run by people who are totally corrupt and/or conflicted,” Trump wrote on Thursday. “It was started and paid for by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats. Phony Dossier, FISA disgrace and so many lying and dishonest people already fired. 17 Angry Dems? Stay tuned!”


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