Even Grammar is Racist in Liberal Academia

We tend to assume that liberals and conservatives are natural “enemies” when it comes to the direction of the country – two polarities fighting for very different versions of the future. Free-market capitalists vs. socialists. Republicans vs. Democrats. Small government vs. the welfare state.

But lately, we’re beginning to think that liberals are their own worst enemies. Some prominent left-wingers recognize this from time to time – Bill Maher is a good example. As insufferable as his views are on many issues, he regularly takes time out to bash liberals who make excuses for Islam, rally around idiotic causes, and suppress free speech. If Democrats want to maintain any semblance of power in this country, they would do well to embrace this kind of self-examination.

The alternative – and, judging by what we’ve seen lately, it’s the option most Democrats are choosing – is to flock towards every ludicrous extreme-left position that comes bubbling out of academia. And if you pay attention, you’ll see that those positions are even kookier than you might have dreamed.

Take this new “writing is racist” situation at the University of Washington, Tacoma. Hanging in the university’s writing center is a poster that makes quite a few interesting claims about grammatical correctness and its relation to social oppression:

The writing center works from several important beliefs that are crucial to helping writers write and succeed in a racist society. The racist conditions of our society are not simply a matter of bias or prejudice that some people hold. In fact, most racism, for instance, is not accomplished through intent. Racism is the normal condition of things. Racism is pervasive. It is in the systems, structures, rules, languages, expectations, and guidelines that make up our classes, school, and society. For example, linguistic and writing research has shown clearly for many decades that there is no inherent “standard” of English. Language is constantly changing. These two facts make it very difficult to justify placing people in hierarchies or restricting opportunities and privileges because of the way people communicate in particular versions of English.

This isn’t the “Racism Studies Writing Center.” It’s not the “Nation of Islam Writing Center.” It’s just “The Writing Center.” This is the environment in which aspiring writers will learn their craft at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Nothing more really needs to be said. You can just read that paragraph over and over again until your head explodes.

For a long time, liberals have profited from a strategy of pushing extreme positions that get rejected…but manage to push the window of acceptable positions a little further to the left. But that strategy is beginning to backfire. There comes a point where the insanity is so blatant that the reaction isn’t “Well, I don’t know about that, but I do agree with some parts,” but rather, “This is abject nonsense and I want nothing to do with anyone who buys into it.”

When you try to mainstream views like “racism is the normal condition of things,” you get…

…well, you get the 2016 election.


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